Godzilla The Game slated for stateside release in Summer 2015

What’s good, everyone? Joshua Evo here with some big news for gaming AND kaiju fans alike. Early reports are stating that Godzilla The Game, the previously Japanese only PS3 exclusive game starring the King of the Monsters and his kin is getting not only an release in America, but is also being ported to the PS4. 

The official Facebook page for Godzilla The Game posted several photo and news updates early this morning, immediately following the release of the demo of the game on PSN Japan. Also hinted at was the King of the Monsters making an appearance at The Game Awards in Las Vegas. 


Additionally, the info page was updated to reflect the announcement that the PS4 would be getting a version of the game.


An even more recent update was posted to the Facebook page detailing the time and location for fans to watch the big reveal of the game via livestream.


I’ve reached out to Namco Bandai via Twitter looking for confirmation, but as of now have not received anything official. However, given the timeline of the release and information coming from all other gaming news outlets, the stateside release of Godzilla The Game is all but 100% confirmed. 

I recently got some time with the demo of the Japanese version of the game, and will have impressions to share later on. Be sure to stay tuned to DRE for updates and coverage of the game and make sure to watch the livestream of the reveal at 6pm!

— Evo out

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