Review – Tech21 Impactology: iPhone 6 Plus Case

Guys, guys. I am NOT going to review my Plus here, so you can breathe easy. No Apple-superiority, no camera-bragging, no battery-boasting. None of that jazz. I am just going to give you a heads up on a wonderful case I was gifted by Spork from Pickles In the Microwave, because he’s a nice guy with a Best Buy discount and I am his friend.

The Tech21 Impactology case was first brought to my attention by a coworker who has a mild obsession with sexy gadgets and non-internet tech. He’s the guy you want to go to if you need a tool like a waterproof, quad beam, tripod-mountable, 3,500 lumen max flashlight (he recommends the Tiny Monster) or something along those lines. So since I convinced him to buy the Plus due to its specs and capabilities, he dropped me a line on the best case he found and purchased for his device by doing his research. You gotta trust the attention to detail of a guy that can talk about a flashlight for thirty minutes and still have a sparkle in his eye. He showed me this video, which I think you will find quite entertaining:

The normal case game is to serve and protect. Most cases try to protect the phone from impact by simply adding another layer of material between the phone and the surface it is impacting. But oftentimes, this causes the force of a drop to be channeled and even amplified through the case to the phone due to the choice of case material. I found this out the hard way by dropping my old iPhone 4s in its LifeProof (lol) case in a parking lot. I remember being relieved that the case looked fine, when upon closer inspection I found the entire back glass to be completely spiderwebbed.

But I’ve always thought the best defense was a good offense. That’s where D30 impact material (explained briefly in the above video) comes into play. Basically this material, which lines the case, is soft and flexible until exposed to impact, which causes its molecules to lock together, absorbing and more importantly dissipating the opposing force to protect your device. So while we’ve known that shock absorbency is important to keep our jointsour cars, and various other expensive things functioning properly, somehow we never thought to apply that technology to our most-used, most-loved, and most-fragile pieces of technology until Tech21 came along. High five, earthlings.

Mmm yeah show me that back side

Mmm yeah show me that back side

On the low techy-techy side, the case has a marvelous hand-feel, and I am still able to use the device one-handed thanks to a slightly improved grip with the soft moldable plastic-like texture and my monstrous man-sized hands. I no longer am paranoid to hold my Plus when not surrounded by carpet or pillows, and a repeat bend-ghazi is slightly less probable with this case (although mainly because I don’t like to use a $500 piece of technology as a hernia donut). The volume buttons and new and improved side-positioned lock screen button are still easy to press. The camera lens is still exposed, although no longer protruding from the rest of the phone, so I need not worry about setting down my phone on scratchy surfaces. The ports for aux cables and lightning cables are still exposed as well, since they eschew the hinged or rubber-gasket methods of plugging these holes. 

To the front now y’all

Only one criticism/word of warning and then I’ll sign off – if you plan on using aux cables, you need to find some that have a narrow or small holster around the metal connector itself, much like the standard apple headphones’ slim plug-in design. Some built-in auxillary cables think they need to be gripped like a microphone in order to be plugged in to your phone, and these are absolutely NOT going to fit in the phone with the case on. That’s all folks!


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