Review – Gotham: “Viper”

This week’s episode of Gotham entitled “Viper” was an interesting one. The villain that pops up in this episode is some crazy scientist guy that created a serum that made people super strong and absolutely crazy, only to kill them hours later. It turns out that this scientist and the company he is working for have an unexpected connection to the people who have taken over Wayne Enterprises in the absence of Bruce’s parents. It is good to see Bruce finally getting more involved in what is going on with Wayne Enterprises since it is, if in name only at this point, his company. I also am enjoying the connection that is growing more and more between Alfred and Bruce. It is finally starting to come together that they are a team and showing how they grow more and more to be a great one as time goes on. Gordon and the other police officers continued to chase down the baddies and try to figure out some way to stop Gotham from falling into total chaos at the hands of the Viper distributor.

On the other side of the coin, Fish Mooney was once again up to her usual tricks and Marconi was trying to do anything he could to take everything away from Falcone slowly but surely. No matter what the situation is, Fish keeps being a complete and utter awesome character in that she has no problem sticking up to those around her who may lack respect for her since she is a woman. I am extremely curious as to know the end game with this female character that she has hired to work for her, although at the end of the episode the audience could take a pretty good guess at what that is. In terms of Penguin, he continues to probably be my favorite character on the show. I cannot get over how well Robin Lord Taylor is able to pull off this crazy yet calm aura and fit the character perfectly. He continues to work with Marconi to try to get himself higher on the totem pole in the crime world.

Overall, I liked this episode. The audience was given the sense that there is more to Wayne Enterprises than meets the eye and that as Fish and Penguin both gain power on their respective sides, it is only a matter of time until a big confrontation happens between the big villains on the show. Catch Gotham on Fox on Mondays 8pm/7pm Central time!

-Megan Highwind has left the party.


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