Episode.37 – Gorble Slarg

Hey, don’t look at me. I don’t know what the show title means either. Then again, what does “Incoductic” mean? Exactly. Today marks Episode 37, where Joshua does more of his patented solo rambling and briefly touches on the idea of having an “OMG SLEEPY HOLLOW IZ SO AWESUM” segment on the show (because of the aforementioned “awesum”), discusses how the “-ber months” aren’t living up to their moniker in the Bay Area, extends a helping hand to a charitable cause and gives credit to an old wrestling friend who also once extended his hands… only to end up having them in a sling because of it. 
Show notes:

“What’s in My Head?”



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One thought on “Episode.37 – Gorble Slarg

  1. Thanks muchly for the plug! Whether it gets any more traffic to my donation site or not, it’s worth it to let more people hear about the event in general. More knowledge=more good, yo! Thanks again!


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