Review – Gotham: “The Balloonman”

This week’s episode of Gotham gave us a look at the first real vigilante to be introduced onto the show, the Balloonman. This guy basically runs around in a mask tying up corrupt officials to a weather balloon and watching them float away and ultimately die when they reach a certain height before plummeting back to Earth. I liked this character because the way in which he got rid of the dregs of Gotham added a bit of humor to the show that up to this point, previously had not been introduced. Either that or I have a sick sense of humor from finding enjoyment in his scenes! The episode also focused a little bit more on Selina Kyle and how she is helping Gordon, yet at the same time not giving him enough information to solve the crime straight out, but leaving clues then disappearing before he can question her further. We got a little more about Cobblepot making his way back into the city and figuring out exactly how to come back and let people know that he is back and means business. Finally, we saw more of Fish Mooney and her intent to take over the crime world of Gotham from the lucrative business that is currently in place.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we got slightly more information about Bruce and a look into his future intentions in one particular scene and his interactions with Alfred and how the relationship is really still forming into something unbreakable between these two characters. My favorite scene of the week, probably, is one between Jim Gordon and the Balloonman. When Harvey and Gordon are having a tussle with the Balloonman and trying to capture him, the Balloonman asks Gordon basically if he is really on the side of good and what he stands for. This seems to take Gordon back for a moment and makes me wonder if this is a scene that Gordon will revisit in the future when coming upon time to make important decisions for his future and that of the city.

Overall, this was another awesome episode of Gotham and after the preview for next week I am once again excited to see exactly where this show is going to take the viewers. Gotham is on FOX at 8pm/7pm central time so be sure to check it out!

-Megan Highwind has left the party.

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