Ep.36 – We’re Hardcore, and You’re Not

OK, so it was a LITTLE longer than two weeks, so f*cking sue me. Whoops, was that a curse that got through? You bet your ass it was. Episode 36 marks the much demanded return of the unedited and uncut hot mess that is Incoductic Gone Wild! This time, Joshua is joined by two old friends: Spork of the Pickles in the Microwave YouTube channel and visiting friend Matt Lee, who’s already made his podcast debut on Jon Bautista’s Head in the Sand podcast. The intrepid trio discuss gaming, Joshua talks about a Kickstarter project that ANY kaiju fan should take a look at, how Star Wars would have worked as a Rasta film and share some hilarious stories and anecdotes from days gone by.

Show notes:


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2 thoughts on “Ep.36 – We’re Hardcore, and You’re Not

  1. Loved the “what is a fighting game” discussion, because you’re right – they are rather difficult to define despite that fact that it should seem easy. I think I could listen to y’all talk about fighting games all day long. I adore the few that I’ve played so dearly and I wish I had time to play more of them. (Actually just fired up Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the ol’ PlayStation 2 the other day — fun as ever.) Great show!

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    • Hey cary! Thanks much for the comments. Fighting games have always been one of my favorite things to talk about, and the weird rifting that happens within the community itself has always been so strange to me as to what is and isn’t a fighting game. SFA3 is a damn good game, good choice!


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