‘Godzilla’ game for Playstation 3 in development

What’s good, everyone? It be Joshua Evo again and I’ve got a bit of super hype news to share and possibly speculate on and discuss, and that’s the very recently announced Godzilla video game that’s currently in production in Japan by Namco Bandai Games. So earlier this week, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu initially broke the story that this game was in development. From what little information has been ascertained so far, the game’s development is about 40% complete and is slated for a Winter release in Japan. It’s also reported to be a PS3 exclusive title and that the in-game models are 3D scans of the popular S.H.Monsterarts action figure line. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the figures, they’re very detailed, highly articulated figures, not unlike the various figures put out by NECA in the United States. The article also confirmed that Godzilla’s arsenal would include a kick, punch, tail strikes and his trademark atomic breath. Another line from the article that stood out was “…a variety of enemies are going to stand in Godzilla’s path”. Also released were several screenshots of game play.

2014-06-26_0941Famitsu posted today the game is being developed in commemoration of the new Legendary film and the 60th anniversary of Godzilla’s birth. A very rough translation of the press release from Famitsu’s site gives some hints as to the nature of the game play:

“Godzilla” is an action game where players can experience Godzilla’s ultimate destructive power by clearing missions. Take control of the 50+ meter tall behemoth Godzilla and go on a rampage! Players will be able to manipulate the giant 50+ meter tall monster Godzilla, and go on a rampage destroying things like cities and giant weapons that Godzilla relates to the human race that he hates, tasting the pleasure. The game starts in areas such as a big city, industrial zone, foothills, etc. There is also a Godzilla Counter Defense City unique to the game. The thrills aren’t just limited to the sheer force of breaking enormous things in a variety of ways. Humans are unpredictable and the player must counter their countermeasures! Missions can be completed in multiple ways, so plan strategically how best to use the layout of each map and watch your destruction unfold! Other popular monsters will also make an appearance in the game. The Godzilla from the new 2014 Hollywood movie will also be in the game.

The press release also came with an incredible game play trailer that is making the rounds on the web. Fortunately, I’ve put it here for your viewing ease.

As if to stoke the fires of hype even further, the recent images below confirm the appearance of Kiryu (the millennium Mechagodzilla) and the Legendary Godzilla, as seen in the trailer above.


Kiryu can be seen on the bottom left-hand corner pic of the second page. Some zoom/enhance required.

So start saving up? I don’t see why not. While Namco Bandai doesn’t have one of the greatest track records for internationally releasing popular titles, there’s not really a lot of reason that this game wouldn’t see a North American release. Especially if one considers the inclusion of the Legendary Godzilla from the recent American Godzilla film, which keep in mind that at the time of this article’s writing is not even released in theaters in Japan. Another red flag that seems to indicate no plans for a North American release that a lot of followers cite is the fact that the game is only being developed for the Playstation 3, inferring that single-console development is a dead knell for any potential distribution outside of Japan. While I can’t for sure say that this is true, it is a well-known fact that from a sales and production standpoint, the Playstation 3 has proven to be more popular when stacked up against the Xbox 360 with Japanese gamers, and apparently even outsold the Playstation 4. In all likelihood, it’s simply a matter of which console the core audience seems to like more, and therefore has the potential for more sales. Hopefully there’s more information, or a playable demo available at Tokyo Game Show this year. Personally, I plan to follow the development as closely as possible, since before the 2010’s, there wasn’t really a presence of decent Godzilla games. We’ve also not had a proper Godzilla video game for some time now, and this being a predominantly a video game blog and my Godzilla fandom? Well, there’s really only ONE way I can properly express my hype:

Shut-up-and-take-my-money— Evo out.


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