Review – Black Chasm Caverns Tour

Hey there cowboys and cowgirls! Hannah is back again and apparently writing to you in the third person to bring you a thoughtful and deep review of the Black Chasm Caverns tour, another of the shenanigans JoshuaEvo and I experienced during our mini-tour of Gold Country.

It's okay. I'll hold your hand.

It’s okay. I’ll hold your hand.

Black Chasm Caverns may be a bit underwhelming from the outside, but inside it is truly a Cave of Wonders. The shop is nice, with a functional geode cracking apparatus and bags of gemstones and prospector bags for sale to pan in the flumes out front. While waiting for our tour, we trolled around the gift shop and parking lot and played in the water of the mining flumes, generally looking like a couple of very overgrown children.

Believe it or not, this is not a waterslide.

Believe it or not, this is not a waterslide.

When it was time for the cavern tour, we queued up at the back of the shop, overlooking the beautiful trees, at the head of a steep flight of stairs leading to the cave entrance. Before entering the cave, the tour guide gave us a brief history of the cavern, including the somewhat humorous fact that no gold was ever found there. After the introduction and build-up, we entered the mouth of the beast. The caves were gorgeous and our guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. Steep and numerous stairs are your only mode of descending (and therefore ascending) so you may need to brush up on your cardio if you plan on doing some soft-core spelunking. Any questions we had about the caverns were cheerfully and entertainingly answered, and I was very happy to have a fun visual, learning, and physical experience that far deep underground. With three caverns and a glimpse of a lake, you will not be disappointed with Black Chasm Caverns’ view.

Feel the burn.

Feel the burn.

After the tour, we ascended, ending the tour after much huffing and puffing by the pair of us. I was super stoked to learn of an hour-long self-guided hike available on the property and after getting directions from one of the workers, we were off again for more cardio-filled adventures. The trails were beautiful, with tall trees and unique rock formations to keep the eye interested. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy a nice, long, peaceful, and challenging trail hike. This one was a winner on all fronts, especially when you factor in the historical and interesting facts in the brochure you can read to supplement the walk. With warnings against poison oak and the site of an abandoned mountain lion den, the brochure will definitely keep you on your toes.

Invisible trails are the best kind of trails.

Invisible trails are the best kind of trails.

All in all, Black Chasm Caverns is a winner in my book, and a great way to spend the day seeing stunning sights while exercising your body and mind. Look them up if you ever happen to find yourself in Gold Rush Country.




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