Review – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hello readers! Megan Highwind here with another movie review for your enjoyment! This time I am reviewing another movie on my most anticipated movie list. This particular film is the newest installment in a fairly long running franchise that involves people with magnificent powers and their struggle to coexist with regular human beings. Of course, the movie I am talking about today is Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past!

For those who are not in the know, Days of Future Past focuses on the original X-Men and some newer additions to the X-Men family living in a future where things are looking bleak at best. There are huge mechanized weapons called Sentinels that are sent to destroy all mutants or at the very least place them into work camps with the humans who have helped them hide and survive. Professor X, Magneto, and the others decide that the only way that they can possibly survive is if they send one of their own back in time to stop the assassination of the man who created the Sentinels and started the war on mutants. Even though in the comics Kitty is the one who goes back in time to warn the others of the impending doom, in this film Wolverine is the lucky chosen one due to his ability to heal quicker than any of the others.


There was very little that I did not like about this film. In fact, it is my second favorite of the season behind Captain America: The Winter Solider. The storyline was solid, apart from a few inconsistencies here and there. Every one of the main characters is essential to the plot line that is being put forth to the viewers and none of the actors who portray these characters disappoint in their role. Logan (Hugh Jackman) is still the smart mouthed bad boy who is trying his best to convince everyone that he is not crazy, while Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is still a stubborn characters who runs headlong into conflict and needs to be shown what she is doing is wrong before she actually believes it. Meanwhile, the older versions of Magneto (Ian McKellan) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) do a fantastic job of showing that when faced with total oblivion, two old enemies are willing to work together and solve their differences for the greater good. The younger Magneto (Michael Fassbender) does a great job of seeming to resolve things with the younger Professor X (James McAvoy) while still ultimately pushing his own agenda. Speaking of James McAvoy, his performance, along with that of Evan Peters, who plays Quicksilver, were the two that struck me the most. I thought that McAvoy did an amazing job of bringing some real depth and presence to the younger Professor X. It is obvious that his character is truly suffering and the level of desolation that he has to convey and the ways in which he shows the various levels of emotion the character experiences on his road to recovery was amazing. Peters, on the other hand, was probably the most welcome and unexpected addition the cast. His take on Quicksilver and the humor that the character brings to the film completely took me by surprise and made me and many of the other audience members literally laugh out loud in the few scenes that he was in.


The other thing about the film that I really enjoyed were the action sequences. I always enjoy seeing the characters that are chosen for the films and the different powers that they are able to use and this film did not disappoint on that front. The Prison Break sequence was definitely my absolute favorite, but the fight between the mutants and the Sentinels, Magneto and the other X-Men, and the even the beginning dream type sequence with the newer X-Men were all a great watch. I would definitely say that they are some of the better action sequences that I have seen in the movies of this season.

Now, to quickly discuss those inconsistencies I mentioned above. Now, let me be clear and say that unless you were a comic fan these would not even be noticeable necessarily, I will still address the two that I noticed, at least, for those that care to know. Maybe the most obvious one is Professor X still alive in his older body. In the Last Stand, Professor X was taken out by Jean Grey and his consciousness was transferred to another body completely. There have been a few references made in some of the other entries as to how this is possible, but since it has not been fully explained, some fans are left wondering. The other question that I had was how in the world Wolverine got his metal claws back. This could have also been given a better explanation from the lack of one we get in the film.


Overall, I think Days of Future past is a worthy entry into the franchise. It is definitely in my top 3 for the X-Men series and I am hoping that this trend continues for the next film. The story and the action sequences are awesome and while there may be a few things here and there that comic fans would not entirely agree with, I would highly recommend this film to any fans of action, mutants, and explosions!

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