Review – Hotel Leger and Whitewater Grille (Mokelumne Hill, CA)

Howdy, kids! Hannah here, back with a semi-belated review of my trip with JoshuaEvo to Gold Rush Country a few weeks ago. I apologize for the lag but not for the reason – since my last review, I have become Mrs. Evo. Thank you, thank you very much.

Man, we're attractive.

Man, we’re attractive.

Joshua and I trotted off to Gold Country for a weekend getaway to spend some time together before our nuptial craziness ensued, which was a fantastic idea. What wasn’t such a good idea was booking a “haunted” hotel, since my dear husband is apparently scared of things that go bump in the night. Never fear, the Hotel Leger supplied us with our very own ghost hunting kit in case we wanted to seek out the ghoulies. Did I mention that we also stayed in the Founder’s Room, which is supposedly has its very own ghost?

Alcohol and superstition, always a great mix.

Alcohol and superstition, always a great mix.

The hotel is furnished in period pieces, with antiques on the walls and tasteful décor. Even the beds are from the olden days, so be careful when flopping on top of the luxurious mattresses after a long day of local activities. There are pictures and paintings all over the place, including one in our room that Joshua swears was creeping him out the whole time. There are no clock, TV, or electronics so be prepared if you need to get your media fix and bring your own equipment. There is, however, wifi and modern plumbing, so all is not lost if you find yourself in the bathroom with some extra time to kill. If you’d like a virtual tour, Hotel Leger was featured on a recent episode of Hotel Impossible!

I think the ambiance is lovely.

I think the ambiance is lovely.

The hotel staff is very accommodating and the house restaurant was even better. For those of you who follow my blog or Incoductic, you know that Joshua and I are on a month-long cleanse called Whole30. This can make eating out at restaurants very tricky. The Whitewater Grille was perfect, however, providing salads, prime rib, and steaks to order with some of the best grilled vegetables I’ve ever had. The hotel bar is definitely where to go to cut loose, with rocking live music and patrons that are the right level of rowdy – whooping, hollering, dancing, and generally just having a great time.

The sheriff's office was closed. Don't worry, no one could have gotten arrested even if they WANTED to.

The sheriff’s office was closed. Don’t worry, no one could have gotten arrested even if they WANTED to.

While we didn’t personally see any wee ghoulies, our trip to gold country was lovely, and the hotel and restaurant were definitely winners. I recommend them any time you find yourself in the Sierras and need to simply get away from it all.

Such rustic. Much calm.

Such rustic. Much calm.



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