The Disk Read Error crew Review – Godzilla (2014) [Part 1]

So naturally, the whole Disk Read Error crew recently checked out the new Godzilla film. Here’s what each of us had to say about it:

Hannah here. Let me explain my perspective as a viewer: I am a peripheral fan of Godzilla. My real enthusiasm is Mothra, so I understand the allegory behind the films (don’t play with nukes, kids) and I respect it, but I still laugh at the ridiculously-suited misadventures of the early films. With that preface being given, I really enjoyed this film despite its saddening lack of the Hope of the People because it enticed emotions from me I really wasn’t expecting. I honestly was going into it thinking “Heck yeah, Bryan Cranston, SPLOSIONS, and roars. Why not?” and I came out thinking… Well, really just the same thing but with much more respect for this incarnation of the ancient kaiju. I felt excitement, anxiety, revulsion, and elation accordingly as events unfolded. Gareth Edwards proved that he knows how to strike emotions in all audiences, not just fans. The respect I felt also comes from his adherence to the tropes of classic Godzilla movies: family, honor, pride, perseverance, and bravery. Edwards made his film traditionally thematic without making it carbon copy, showed homage without making it into parody. All in all, an excellent monster flick, and a better experience than anticipated for established fans. Much love to Mr. Edwards, especially for the little Mothra references sprinkled throughout.


D5kMVAmlHello everybody, this is James B. Boss here (back from the dead) with my latest review. This time however, I am not reviewing a video game (le gasp!). Instead, I am reviewing a movie and it is one that I have been looking forward to for awhile and that movie is none other than Godzilla. Now we all remember the horrible “Godzilla” film back in 1998, so you can imagine how me and a lot of other fans felt about there being another American Godzilla film. When it was announced about two years ago (I believe), there was not much being said about the film. Recently though, right before the film’s release, Legendary Pictures started shoving preview after preview in our faces. After seeing the movie literally three times (wow I need to get a life. lol), I have to say Legendary pictures really did their homework when they made this film.

**WARNING!!! this review of mine may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk and I apologize for those who have yet to see the movie.**

First I would like to talk about Godzilla’s design. Overall I would have to say, that I am pleased with the way he looks. His design is not only a vast improvement from the last American Godzilla, but is also very loyal to his original image. When you look at him, you would automatically know that it is Godzilla and not some gigantic mutated iguana thing. The second thing that I would like to talk about, is the feel of the movie. Now, we all know what giant monsters are capable of doing, and how much damage they can cause and that whatever humanity throws at them, doesn’t seem to work. What I’m trying to say, is that when it comes to fighting giant monsters for the first time, humanity cannot really do much. In this film, mankind is seeing giant monsters for the first time and are realizing, that their weapons have no effect against them, making mankind feel powerless against these hulking monoliths of death. From start to finish, the movie keeps this tone going all the way until the final confrontation.

I can say without a doubt, that I really enjoyed this movie. Talking about it does not bring it justice, so I highly recommend seeing it. Even if you are not a fan of giant monsters, it is still a movie that should not be missed and hey, if you are not a fan, then this movie may definitely turn you into one.

Toho-Kingdom-pictureHello everyone! Megan Highwind back once again to give you my take on one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters, Gareth Edward’s Godzilla! Now, I do not know a whole lot about Godzilla. Unlike our resident expert, Joshua Evo, I have only seen a few of the Godzilla movies fully and have never really read much of the comics based on him either. I know his biggest and baddest enemies and that is about as far as I have delved into Godzilla’s world so I am coming at this movie more of a standpoint of a regular viewer than probably any of the other writers since they have way more in-depth knowledge of the character than I do. That being said, I loved almost everything about Godzilla and it definitely warranted being one of my top 5 most anticipated movies of the season!

Many people were upset by the fact that Godzilla was not seen more often in the film and that there were not more action scenes, but I thought that Edwards made a good decision by keeping Godzilla back. By keeping Godzilla hidden until later in the film and then only showing him sporadically afterward, every time I saw him I got the same feeling of shock and awe over the sheer size and scale of the monster. It was a different course of action to take when many films today are all about action sequences appearing in rapid fire succession, so I appreciated the different approach that was taken to keep Godzilla the mysterious monster that he is meant to be. I can definitely see why people wanted to see more of his character since he was an amazing sight to behold, but in this instance I agree that keeping him under wraps was the best decision and made him even more memorable.

Another thing that I thought the film did particularly well were the visual effects. Godzilla and his M.U.T.O foes look incredibly massive and threatening and the buildings that they crush along with the explosions that they cause look amazing. On top of that, Edwards is able to achieve a level of emotion that was nice to see in a movie like this where the general concept is one of destruction. Ultimately, Godzilla is trying to take out the M.U.T.O’s and in turn save Japan and the rest of the world from the destruction that they are facing. There are many times throughout the film that you can literally almost feel what Godzilla is feeling from the look on his face. When his enemies are attacking him or towards the end when he is exhausted and fallen to the ground, it is hard not to feel for him with the combination of the camera angles and the emotion that rendered on the cgi face. Honestly, I felt more emotion towards Godzilla than I did for the actual human characters in the film.

Which brings me to my only real qualm with the film, the storyline involving the human characters. Bryan Cranston (Joe Brody), Ken Watanabe (Serizawa), and Elizabeth Olsen (Elle Brody) as three of the four main characters for most of the film do a fantastic job in their roles. I enjoyed every scene that especially Bryan Cranston was in because he was incredibly convincing as the supervisor of the nuclear power plant in Janjira, Japan, that everyone thought was crazy, but was actually just hyper aware of the situation that was happening around him. Watanabe and Olsen’s performances were well done as well because of their ability to show compassion and real fear for, in Watanabe’s case, Godzilla, and in Olsen’s case, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character Ford. Taylor- Johnson, however, underwhelmed me as I was never convinced that his character really cared much about what was going on around him. The plot starts out incredibly strong at the beginning but somewhere throughout the film it slowly but surely starts to sink into a less interesting shell of its former self. While still decent, it could have been better.

Overall, I loved Gareth Edward’s take on the Godzilla franchise with this first film entry. While Godzilla is not seen much in the film, the moments that he is seen are impactful and create a memorable experience. From Godzilla’s roar to his gigantic stature, everything about this incarnation of the monster is incredibly well done. Even though the storyline with the human characters started out strong and fell apart, the incredible amount of emotion that is created between the viewer and Godzilla himself makes the film well worth every minute. From the viewpoint of someone like myself who has little to no experience with the Godzilla franchise, I highly recommend this film. A monster movie at its core, but so much more than that as you delve deeper, Godzilla is an incredibly enjoyable film that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

-Megan Highwind has left the party.


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