Review – Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Calling all movie lovers! Megan Highwind back again to give my review of one of the numerous comic book movies that are gracing the big screen in the next few months. First off, for those of you who listen to Incoductic, I am not James B. Boss. He got busy and did not get the chance to review this movie so you all are stuck with me instead! Let’s get down to business, shall we? This review is for none other than the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

To begin, while Spider-Man is definitely not my favorite of the Marvel superheroes, I have always appreciated the more lighthearted approach the character takes compared to some of his other superhero counterparts. Spidey has always been the overtly confident hero that takes care of the villains all while cracking corny jokes and making the people of New York City love him. Andrew Garfield portrays this aspect of Peter Parker incredibly well and makes you root for him. Plus, the chemistry between him and Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy is absolutely undeniable. The whole cast does a fantastic job in the film as we get an upclose and personal look at how creepy Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn is, just how misunderstood Jamie Foxx’s Electro is, and how the relationship between Sally Field’s Aunt May and Peter has been strained since the death of Uncle Ben.


I do, however, wish that they would have expanded a bit more on Electro’s back story. I get he is wanting to be seen and acknowledged by those around him, but some more insight as to why his insecurities were so bad would have been nice. Aside from that, though, I think the storyline was decent especially when it came to Peter’s guilt over his love for Gwen and the search for what his parents were truly all about. Not only is Peter dealing with the personal drama of his relationship with Gwen and his dead parents, but his and Spider-Man’s relationship with Harry Osborn, and the looming threat of Electro. Everything ties together nicely in the last part of the film and leaves you feeling satisfied with the ending by the time the credits roll. On top of everything else, the haunting scenes of Peter seeing Gwen’s father almost everywhere he looked was a nice precursor to how things end up and it will be interesting to see how things go forward from here.

While the story between Gwen and Peter was one of the things that made the film successful, the other major thing that I liked were the action scenes. I really enjoyed getting into Spidey’s head and seeing how he sees things, in slo-mo with his super senses and his quick reaction times, and getting to see him fly through the air with the wind rippling off his suit. The showdown between Electro and Spider-Man in Times Square was quite a memorable one because of the way the action was done. This is where the viewers get the best look into Spider-Man’s fighting ability and how he uses his skills to get ahead of the villains since he does not have some of the abilities that give him an automatic edge like super strength or speed might. I was overall pretty impressed with the action sequences and thought between the Times Square scene and the short but eventful clock tower scene, the movie brought the point of making Spider-Man’s abilities and limitations into focus.

Before I conclude my review I need to point out one other thing, besides the lack of back story for Electro, that bothered me about the film. While most of the Marvel films that come out are in some way or another looking to set up the sequels in the franchise, this movie, at times, makes it too obvious that is their main focus. There are places in the film that focus more on the Harry and the group that he is putting together than the actual scenes that are going on in Peter’s life and at that point the film becomes less of a Spider-Man based film and one based more on the sequel of the Sinister Six. I understand that these films are always looking for ways to incorporate a sequel, but I think it is necessary for the filmmakers to be careful that they do not stray away too far from the main character in a film like this. If they want to continue making Spider-Man movies that are successful, at least somewhat if not quite as successful as some other Marvel heroes, they need to stay focused on the main character and takes brief glimpses at some of the other things going on in the background.

Overall, I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I thought the story sequences between Gwen and Peter, Harry and Peter, and the action scenes all made the film fairly successful. I do wish there would have been a slight increase in the back story of Electro so that the audience really got a feel for why he was he the way he was and less of a focus on the setups for sequels. I would recommend this movie for at least one viewing or a rent, but I probably will not be dishing out my hard-earned money when this film comes out on the market.

-As always, read, review, and let us know what you thought of the Amazing Spider-Man 2! (Did you see what I did there, I rhymed)

-Megan Highwind has left the party.


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