Review – Waterfield Designs Playstation Vita “Cityslicker” Case

What’s good, everyone? You’re here with Joshua Evo again and I’ve got another fine product up for review from the fine folks over at San Francisco-based bag and peripheral maker, Waterfield Designs, as I’m a Bay Area resident myself and of course, going to support locally made product (especially this level of quality). Last time, we looked at the fantastic “Cityslicker” model case for the Nintendo 3DS. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the same model case, but this time for the Playstation Vita. 


With a recent price drop and new model, increasing title library and connectivity to the Playstation 4, the Playstation Vita is finally starting to be seen by a growing number of gamers as a much more viable handheld console. With its huge, vibrant screen and dual analog sticks (which I can tell you from personal experience, can and WILL break if they sustain a hard enough impact) the PS Vita is an excellent investment and like all investments, demands the highest order of protection. Thankfully, I’d already had some positive experiences with Waterfield in the past with their 3DS Cityslicker case, so I went ahead and checked out the one they offered for the Playstation Vita.


The PS Vita Cityslicker is composed of soft, durable leather that’s available in a handful of different colors (the one used in the review is the “Camel” colored leather) and tough, ballistic nylon. Keeping the case closed and secured done via the button snaps on the front of the case. The nylon loop at the bottom of the case aids in inserting and extracting the Vita from the case. The main pocket of the case is also lined with the scratch-free interior liner that cushions the case and also works to keep the screen clean. Externally, it’s virtually identical to the 3DSXL version the case, aside from being a bit longer and has a larger chamber to accommodate the analog sticks. As the Vita and 3DS have some differences, the case has been designed to suit those differences.


The pockets on the front of the case under the flap, are much smaller to accommodate the PS Vita’s game cards. There are also five total pockets versus the 3DS case’s three pockets. The game cards fit snugly and securely in the pockets and are easily inserted and extracted via the slits cut into  each pocket. 


The back side of the case is also identical to the 3DS Cityslicker, with the YKK locking zipper and expandable mesh pocket for cords, headphones, extra game cards and other sorts of accessories. The inner lining of the pocket also has the same soft lining and padding as the main pocket to keep the Vita and its accessories protected on all sides. 


Within the pocket are these three small slots for storing any extra PS Vita memory cards you may have. As Vita owners know, these little things are expensive and depending on how many games you direct download and how much gaming you do, it’s not uncommon to have a few memory cards. Thankfully, the slots keep the memory cards well tucked away and protected, yet still easy to access for changing in and out as required.

IMG_7836All in all, the PS Vita Cityslicker case does just as good a job as the 3DSXL version, and I can safely say that I have ZERO reservations in saying that in the two plus years since its initial release,  this still the best case on the market for the PS Vita in quality, style and protection. It retails for $49, a very good price to protect such an investment. Make sure to visit the Waterfield Designs website at to browse their full inventory of highest-quality bags, device cases, wallets and accessories. Tell ’em we sent you, because you for sure won’t be disappointed with any of their products. 

— Evo out.

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