Legendary Pictures Godzilla news round-up!

What’s good, everyone? You’re here with Joshua Evo and boy, do I have some goodies for our resident Kaiju fans, friends and followers. Recently, there’s been a flurry of news and activity behind the upcoming release of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, and I’ll admit now that I’m bound to miss SOMETHING in reporting all of this but allow me to try to bring you all up to speed as best as I can.

UK-based Empire Magazine revealed the cover of their current 2014 issue (available in the standard size and the collector’s sized “Megazine” which is roughly 30% larger than a normal issue) and is filled with summer movie coverage, completed with a familiar atomic beast gracing the cover. This story first broke at the end of February (and yours truly is still working to get a copy of it) and it offered one of the first real detailed looks at the new Godzilla. The issue also has a subscriber version with a variant cover. Both can be seen below, with the variant on the right-hand side.


Film, music and interactive media festival South by Southwest also had some tales to tell, as Gareth Edwards made an appearance for a screening of the original 1954 Gojira and a follow-up Q&A with the director, talking about the influence that the classic film had on him and his inspirations. Naturally, he had much to share about the May 16th release, bringing along with him several minutes of new footage for attendees (myself not included, sadly) to see. Reactions were largely positive and were met with applause and even standing ovations. Mondo had even created a new poster for the event, a picture of which can be seen here. Edwards has also been very active doing publicity for the film, from Q&As on Facebook to an interview with technology and news media network The Verge talking about how Godzilla will be a “very different monster movie”, which you can watch in its entirety below

Perhaps the two biggest reveals so far, on March 17th, toy maker Neca lifted its previously set embargo on images of their Godzilla action figures. They will be available in a 12″ painted version and an 24″ long unpainted version that is purported to have sound effects.


More details and images are available at Bloody Disgusting.

Finally, on March 18th, an international trailer for Godzilla was released that contained several shots of new fantastic footage, but unfortunately I personally have not watched it by choice, as I’m trying to keep some of the mystique and surprise for when the movie releases (and yet I’m linking it below for you guys to see.) I’m most definitely one of those guys who thinks movie trailers give away too much these days, so I’m trying to keep some stuff on the “until I need to know” side. Though there have been some screen caps from the trailer that I simply cannot avoid just by virtue of browsing the internet. One of the ones I can’t help but mention is the shot of him coming out of the smoke that I’m currently using as this article’s featured image. It strikes me how I know that Godzilla is in CGI for this film, but how in that particular shot, he still happens to look like a traditional man in a suit. So very, very hype.

Well, that’ll about do it for this Godzilla news round-up. Let me know if there’s anything I missed or if there’s anything you want to see covered with more detail. For now though, I hope you all are just as excited a I am for May 16th!

— Evo out.


Well, I guess they weren’t done yet! Less than an hour ago, Legendary Pictures tweeted out this image of a brand new movie poster with the oh so foreboding line “Something big is coming”. Check it out below!


Once again… get hype, everyone.

— Evo out again


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