Review – Star Wars® : Where Science Meets Imagination Exhibition

Howdy ya’ll! Hannah (also known as @HSlamma for you Twitter folks) here with my first entry on DRE. I have a few museum reviews that I think you guys will enjoy rattling around in my noggin, so let’s get cracking! First up – Star Wars: Where Science Meets Innovation Exhibit.

Everything's better with Bose!

Everything’s better with Bose!

If any of you loyal Lucas fanatics are in the San Francisco Bay area, I strongly suggest you head to downtown San Jose, and prepare for your mind to be blown. If you aren’t local, research when the exhibition is coming your way. If you are so unfortunate as to have missed it already, read on and live vicariously, because this is the closest you’re gonna get.

There are more than 80 set costumes, props, and models, including all the usual favorites: wookies, storm troopers, ewoks, droids, wampa, ships, and of course sand people. The focus is not only on the fantasy and fandom, but the technology behind the sound manipulation, set design, model creation, and mechanical construction.

See? Real science! And jokes to 'bot!

See? Real science! And jokes to ‘bot!

Interactive exhibits and design labs are set up to explain the scientific reasoning (or impossibility) behind the visionary technology we all know and love in the Star Wars franchise(s). Every few feet there are areas where you can learn about topics such as the practicalities of space travel (we probably won’t ever be able to out-run the Death Star), how robotics are helping mechanical prostheses advance in the medical field (complete with creepy melted Anikan robot hand), the rapidly advancing abilities of modern unmanned machinery (mass maglev train transportation, not AT-ATs), and levitation technology (I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the Force).

This IS the exhibit you've been looking for.

This IS the exhibit you’ve been looking for.

The exhibit has been so wildly popular that the 3 millionth ticket is expected to be sold any day now. There’s even a prize giveaway including tickets to the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim April 16th-19th (the creators of that event really should have held the celebration on May 4th), a Star Wars swag bag, and a feature on In response to this popularity, the exhibit has been extended until March 23rd, and we all know why.

His backpack has jets.

Hint: His backpack has jets.

Okay, so you kind of like Star Wars and you’re kind of a nerd and you kind of like museums, but you’re not sold on the admission fee yet because you really like keeping your money. The Millennium Falcon Experience isn’t enough. Driving an actual hovercar isn’t enough. I have your final decision maker below. Look deep, deep into his eyes mask. If you feel a tightening around your throat, well… 

You should probably get that check out... At the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA

You should probably get that checked out… at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA



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