WWE Network Launches today, high traffic puts the smack down on user base.

What’s good, everyone? Joshua Evo here again with an  update of the recently live WWE Network. As you may or may not know, at this past CES, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon along with WWE Superstars  past and present like John Cena, Shawn Michaels and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, officially announced the release of a 24/7 HD streaming network loaded with thousands of hours of WWE content, including all 12 Pay-Per-View events to come, called the WWE Network. The network is said to be accessible from computers, tablets, phones and gaming consoles via apps for each, and will cost $9.99/month with a a required six-month commitment. Today is finally that day and the launch of the network is going… pretty much as expected by tech savvy fans. 


WWE network seems to be a victim of its own hype, as some persistent issues with fulfilling orders are slowing a lot of new users in subscribing. Additionally, some users who have successfully gotten in are reporting that video content that is available is not playing correctly or returning media errors.


A statement issued on WWE.com added:

“Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM), WWE’s technology partner, was overwhelmed and their systems have been unable to process most orders since 9 am ET due to demand for WWE Network. MLBAM has been working aggressively to resolve this issue. Your order will be processed as soon as possible.

So, there’s definitely a lot of impatience and  raging about the network not functioning perfectly out of the gate, but let’s be realistic here: while WWE is a huge company with lots of financial assets to dedicate to rolling out something like this, they don’t really have the experience with it. Look at companies like Sony and Blizzard who are veterans of high-traffic, network-based releases that STILL have problems with heavy user loads. When World of Warcraft hit the scene in 2004, the game was plagued with bugs, servers going down, huge queuing times that could on on for up to three hours, and ridiculous amounts of lag. Several years and hours of work later, and it’s a multiple record-breaking gaming experience that’s heralded as the greatest MMO ever created. When Square Enix moved forward with  Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the reboot of the heavily panned Final Fantasy XIV MMO, users reported multiple issues simply logging into the game, and those few that could were met with some pretty terrible lag issues or servers that were already full, making the idea of even getting in to the game to play seem like a daunting task. Some players (myself included) ended up looking having to look for games on the International servers. Things have been much more smoothed out now with the new updates offering server transfers and improved stability. While still not a seamless gaming experience (and NOTHING is), it’s infinitely more playable and enjoyable now. Gamers see this all the time, and for the amount of content the WWE Network is poised to deliver, completely on-demand, for the price point that they’ve set, I personally don’t think it’ll kill anyone to be just a little bit patient. I for one, will most definitely be subscribing to the WWE Network and can’t wait to see some of my old favorite matches, segments and even some of the original content created just for the network. It could potentially take weeks to fully get things up and running but things could be worse.

They could be having these issues on Wrestlemania weekend. Just sayin’.

— Evo out.


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