Review – 30cm Godzilla (2003 version) by X-Plus

What’s good, everyone? If you recall a few months back, I did a review for the MFS-3 Kiryu (Mechagodzilla) action figure by S.H.Monsterarts. Expanding further into the world of action figure/toy reviews (and in the interest of spreading the Godzilla fandom) I present my review of the 30cm 2003 Godzilla by venerated, Japan-based vinyl figure makers and purveyors of awesome,  X-Plus.

For those not in know, X-Plus is a Japan based company that manufactures toys and vinyl figures from several popular franchises, including, but not limited to Godzilla, Ultraman and Gamera. These figures are commonly produced two popular sizes, the 25cm (nearly 10 inches) and the 30cm tall (just over 12 inches) variety. X-Plus also produces the Shonen Ric (more widely known as “Ric-Boy”) versions of certain figures, which are usually more expensive, largely internet exclusive pre-order figures that come with little extras or features. The figure I’m reviewing today is one such figure.


It’s important to mention that this a reissue, as it had originally been released in March of 2010 and since then, had been increasingly more difficult to find due to some astronomically high secondary market prices.  The figure clocks in at about 12 inches tall and just under 20 inches long and features a dynamic pose that screams “Let’s fight!”  The sculpt and its colors look just as if they were lifted from the 2003 movie, and boasts some fantastic detail from the shading on the claws and teeth to the  flared Cobra-style neck design that were popularized in the Millennium era of films, and the characteristic chest scar unique to the “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS” suit. 


As this is a Ric-Boy reissue, it has been given an extra feature in the form of a dorsal spine light-up gimmick, activated by an On/Off switch that plugs into the left heel. The spines are made of a softer, translucent material as opposed to the opaque, traditional vinyl of the standard edition figures to display the light. Many of the newer Ric-Boy Godzilla figures have a similar feature.

Check out John Stanowski’s fantastic blog, for a detailed review of the standard edition figure.


When triggered, the switch illuminates the LED’s concealed in the back that give the figure’s dorsal spines a similar effect to the one in the films when Godzilla breathes his trademark atomic breath in the movies.


My particular figure has a bit of light bleed that’s visible in the seam where the vinyl block that comprises the dorsal spines attaches to the back. This is the only real downside the figure has and luckily, this doesn’t take too much away from the whole and can probably be adjusted with a hair dryer to heat the vinyl and some slight re-positioning. 


Overall, this is a superb figure and perfect addition to any Kaiju fan’s collection. The Ric-Boy reissue is available in a limited capacity on eBay and some other internet outlets. Thankfully, this figure is seeing another re-release. Once only widely available in Japan, the standard edition was recently announced as part of the next wave of North American releases by Previews/Diamond Distributions. They will be available and can be pre-ordered at comic book shops at a MSRP of a mere $160.


On a personal note, I was overjoyed to finally acquire this figure, as it is one of my favorite of the Millennium era films and was one of my top three “Must Have” figures when I started my X-Plus collection. The fact that I was able to score it as a Ric-Boy variant is just icing on the cake, and I strongly recommend this figure to anyone who doesn’t yet have it or is looking for a great starting point for a new collection.

— Evo out.

4 thoughts on “Review – 30cm Godzilla (2003 version) by X-Plus

  1. The light bleed doesn’t subract too much from the figure? I clearly remember someone AGONIZING over it… Must have been some other collector. 😛


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