Review – Waterfield Designs Nintendo 3DS XL “Cityslicker” Case

What’s good, everyone? Joshua Evo back again with another product review for your reading pleasure. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the “Cityslicker” case for the Nintendo 3DS XL from Waterfield Designs/SF Bags


I’ve been a 3DS owner for a decent amount of time now, and one of the things I always struggled with was finding a case for it that was protective, semi-stylish and had extra space for any of the extras I may want to lug around, like headphones, cleaning cloth and games. While there were numerous cases with all of these options on the market, none of them really struck me as ideal so I continued to carry my 3DS in my pocket sporting only a simple plastic shell. With the recent release of Pokemon X and Y and the inevitable surge  in usage my 3DS was going to get, I decided to graduate up to a 3DS XL, even though my search for a perfect case seemed to get more challenging with the additional size offered by the 3DS XL model. As usual, I didn’t have a terrible lot of luck finding cases and decided (on a hunch) to also do searches for companies that make iPhone cases. One of my first hits was for a San Franscisco based company called Waterfield Designs that had an excellent rep of making high quality laptop and phone bags and accessories. After some clicking around, I found that they had a section for gaming cases and one model specifically caught my eye, as it had all the bells and whistles that I looking for in a case; the Cityslicker. 


At first glance, you can already tell that it’s in a class of its own. The case has a slim, slek profile with a body constructed  of durable ballistic nylon and has a double-layer leather flap (which is available in a variety of colors, I got the Muzetto brown) that snaps closed via the two buttons pictured. The stitching is done to the highest quality, so there’s no fear of fraying or splitting. As small loop at the bottom of the case gives users some extra leverage when extracting the 3DS XL from the case and two smaller loops on either side near the top of the case can be used for attaching clasps or rings for a strap. As you can see here, I used a small split ring that I run a carabiner through for hooking my case to a belt loop or backpack strap.  


On the back of the case i an expanding mesh pocket with a locking YKK zipper. This is a great place to store accessories like headphones, an extra stylus, extra games, a cleaning cloth or anything else you may want to keep handy, however it’s a bit small to accommodate the very bulky 3DS charger though. Don’t be fooled by this mesh material though, it’s quite expandable and tough and the inside is padded to add extra protection for any extras in the pocket. While all of this is already fantastic, the real work of this case is done on the inside of it, so let’s take a look.


Within the case, we find three slots for games, all of which have slots for easy extraction but still do a fantastic job keeping the games in place while in transit or moving around quickly.  The main compartment sports the Waterfield logo, and has a padded, scratch-free lining that keeps a nice grip on the console whenever it’s inserted and extracted, which both holds it securely and also acts to clean the console of fingerprints and grime. 

This case ticked every box on my personal list of amenities perfectly and its durable construction and stylish looks made this an absolute “must buy” when I got my Pokemon X limited edition 3DS XL and is in my personal opinion, the BEST 3DS XL case on the market.  It’s $49.99 price tag may seem steep to some at first glance, but for the level of superior quality and perfect combination of protection and style offered by Waterfield Designs for your very expensive 3DS XL. As an added bonus to San Francisco, CA residents, Waterfield Designs offers a same day delivery option for orders made within the city. If an order is placed before noon to be shipped to a San Francisco address, the order will ship that very same business day. Turned out to be a perfect option for me, as I work in the city and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this case. Definitely check this and the other fantastic products that Waterfield Designs offers for phones, laptops, tablets and even a PS Vita case that I hope to get my hands on to review soon over at their site at Tell ’em we sent ya. 🙂

— Evo out.


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