Review – MFS-3 Mechagodzilla (Kiryu)

What’s good everyone? Joshua Evo is back in the house after being away for FAR too long! I’ve got another review for everyone, but it’s a different sort of review than I’m sure a lot of you are used to reading on Disk Read Error.  As you all may very well know, I’m a huge fan of Godzilla and other giant monsters (Kaiju) and as you may expect, I’m a collector of the various memorabilia that accompanies that fandom.  For a few years now, Bandai and Tamashii Nations have been putting out a series of fantastically detailed and highly articulated figures under the product line name “S.H.Monsterarts”. With that in mind, I’d  like to bring you all a review of the newest addition to the S.H.Monsterarts family, and one of my personal favorite characters, the MFS-3 Mechagodzilla, heretofore after referred to by it’s character name, “Kiryu”.

Look at all them weapons.

Look at all them weapons.

Kiryu is the main antagonist (or protagonist, depending on your point of view) of the 2002 movie Godzilla x Mechagodzilla and its sequel Godzilla: Tokyo SOS, and is the Millennium series incarnation of classic Godzilla foe, Mechagodzilla. The figure measures in at about six inches tall and is comprised of tough plastic, tubing and die-cast metal parts. It also comes with a multitude of optional parts, including the rocket back-unit, forearm laser cannons and attachable blades and even different eye parts reflecting attitude changes in the character, including red eyes for when Kiryu runs wild and starts trashing the city. The figure is also highly articulated in the tail, arms, waist and and limited movement in the legs, neck and head. Three of the higher back spines detach to make way for attaching back unit and small pins in the elbows are also removable to connect the pins attached to the forearm cannons. Not pictured in this photo are the fold-out jets in the outer thighs and the die-cast metal chest piece that conceals Kiryu’s trademark weapon, the Absolute-Zero freezing cannon.



Kiryu is my personal favorite redesign of Mechagodzilla and is a very welcome addition to any kaijuphile’s collection. The level of articulation and detail on on this figure are superb and combined with the optional parts, make it easy to reenact poses from the film. Overall, the figure feels very durable and sturdy, though there are a FEW small nitpicks. Firstly, a lot of the people I’ve spoken to have had some trouble lining up the tubing that attaches to from the head part down into the channels in the neck are a little tough to line up and that the tubing leading from the hips to the top of the thigh can pop out if the leg is rotated too far but you really have to bend the leg (almost past the point of articulation) to do that. The elbow pins are VERY small, so make sure that you put them in a secure place when you swap them out to attach the forearm cannons and connect the pins, Talking of the forearm cannons, the wires that attach to the pins that plug into the forearms feel a bit fragile, so only move or twist them if you have to. These minuscule issues aside, it’s still an impressive figure and is a very highly recommended pickup for kaiju fans and toy collectors alike.


The MFS-3 Mechagodzilla (Kiryu) retails for $96.99 (which seems a bit steep but the whole line of figures is on the pricey side) and is slated to be released at the end of October at some toy shops and can be pre-ordered or internationally purchased through several online outlets, which I will link below. 


Hobby Link Japan




— Evo out.


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