Hello everyone! Megan Highwind here once again! This time I am going to be bringing you something a little outside of what we normally post about here on Disk Read Error. I took a trip to visit Joshua Evo in San Francisco a week ago and while I was there I got to visit one of the neatest parts, in my opinion, of the city. We were discussing it and figured you all might like to hear about this part of town considering the connection to gaming and such that it has so without further ado the theme of this post is…Japantown!

Japanese Pagoda

Japantown was awesome! That is the easiest and most basic way for me to describe my experience visiting this place. The minute we walked into this area of town I knew that if I lived out there I would spend hours and hours wondering around, eating, wondering, eating, won…well you get the idea. There were probably at least 30 shops in this small span of town and every single one held something unique or fun for me to look at. The shops had various things from anime and video game memorabilia to items that people use in Japan in their everyday lives to even some small snacks and drinks (yay for Hi-Chews!). We even ran into a small arcade where Joshua Evo kicked some tail at a Gundam fighting game in reminiscence of Virtual On. Needless to say, the variety of the stores that were here kept us entertained for a very long time and would keep me coming back to visit again and again.

One view of Japantown

Another thing that did a good job of making us happy was the food. We passed many different sushi bars, dessert shops, and regular sit down resturants. We chose one of the sit down resturants because all of the sushi ones were insanely crowded. I have always wanted to try one of the sushi bars where the sushi comes around you on a dolley and you pick and choose what you would like as it circles, so next time I go there I am going to definitely eat at one of those places! The resturant that we ate at, though, was fantastic. I had a dish that was chicken on top of rice and on top of the chicken was some lightly cooked egg. The dish was called Oyakodon. We got so much food that I ended up having to talk half of the bowl back as leftovers, definitely worth the money!


The final thing I liked about Japantown was all of the artwork and the designs that were scattered throughout the area. I rarely get to see traditional artwork and sculptures from Japan around where I live so it was really amazing to get to be in an area surrounded by it. The artwork was beautiful as were the different pillows, rugs, and other things being sold around where we walked. I enjoyed my trip to San Franscisco greatly partly because of Japantown. It was an amazing experience to get to be somewhere surrounded by things that I have made a huge part of my life. I highly suggest anyone interested in gaming, anime, or Japanese culture in general to give Japantown a visit if you are ever in that part of the country. You will not regret it!  Honestly, if you are like me you may not want to leave at all!

Until next time, as always please read, rate, review and share!

-Megan Highwind has left the party.


One thought on “Japantown!

  1. I visited San Fran a few years ago and absolutely loved Japantown! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try out the restaurants there, but I wouldn’t mind coming back there again if I find myself in the Bay area in the future.


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