Retro Review: Pokemon Snap!

Hi Everyone! Megan Highwind here again bringing you all another entry into our retro review segment. This time I am delving back into the late 90s to review a game from one of my favorite consoles, the N64. There are many fantastic games that hit this console while it was in its prime. For this segment we are picking titles that vary from the normal whether it is in content, design, lack of attention from the gaming world, or some other factor. That being said, I immediately had one game that popped to the front of my mind as being creative and fun at the same time…

That’s right, everyone, today’s retro review title is Pokémon Snap! To begin, I was a big fan of everything Pokémon back in the 90s. I owned quite a few of the Gameboy titles and the other famous Pokémon N64 title, Pokémon Stadium.  I also owned the infamous cards that sucked the money from every young child and teen that I came into contact with, the movies and watched the show everyday. I remember initially thinking when Pokémon Snap came out that there was no way that going around and trying to get pictures of Pokémon could be fun. I proved myself wrong the instant that I rented this game on a whim and stuck the cartridge into my trusty N64. This game was incredibly addicting. Something about trying to get the best picture possible and discovering how to do it kept me hooked for hours at a time. You play as a traveling photographer trying to find the elusive Mew and snap a picture of this rare Pokémon. Along the way, you meet dozens of other creatures in their designated habitats and try to use things like apples, flutes and other various items to get the Pokémon to interact with you and give you their best shot.

Pikachu on a surfboard?! WONDERFUL!

You are given a specific amount of film for each area you visit and at the end of the round you visit Professor Oak in his lab and he rates your pictures. Many factors determine your score in this game. The size of the Pokémon in the shot, how centered the shot is, whether the Pokémon is actually facing you, etc. If you happen to catch the Pokémon in a special move or a certain pose it is possible to receive extra points. I will freely admit that the game is pretty short, the play through can be completed in probably around 30 hours, even trying to get the highest scores possible. That being said, however, you have to replay most of the levels multiple times with the new items you acquire along the way  in order to get the pictures that earn the most points. Not to mention, Professor Oak will randomly show up with some sort of extra shot he would like you to find that is not always as straightforward as finding the Pokémon. The game had fantastic graphics and sound effects. The Pokémon themselves and environments that you explore are all well detailed; likewise the sound effects are the expected noises that the Pokémon make when in the show. I was a fan of the series before the game was released so I loved it, but even my friends who had less interest in the show itself enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out how to get the best shots possible. All in all, I really enjoyed the Pokémon Snap game and encourage those of you who enjoy Pokémon or even who just enjoy photography and still have a N64 around to hunt down this title and play it! You won’t regret it!

Mew, the rarest and most ridiculously fast moving Pokémon of all time! Good luck getting this shot…

As always please read, review and share! If you happen to have any retro titles or articles in general that you would like to see us write about, just let us know in the comments below!  Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “Retro Review: Pokemon Snap!

  1. Nice post! Thing is I’ve never played Snap before, always been more of a fan of the game series.

    It’s been a while I posted on your blog. So sorry for my absence!
    I wanted to let you know my blog had changed url to and if you plan to follow it still, click the follow button on the bottom right 🙂 I have two articles for you to look at when you have the time.


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