Summer Movies and Our Apologies!

Hello all! Megan Highwind here. First off, I would like to say we are incredibly sorry to those of you who stuck with us through our time off here at Disk Read Error. I know this is not a good excuse, but we have all been insanely busy and just have not had the time to post much of anything or to do much of anything on here as of late. However, we are back and going to try and restore life on this blog that we love so much. So thank you to those of you that stayed with us through this rough patch of no writing and please continue to read our articles and review! We are back!

To start us back off I am going to tell you my thoughts on five of the biggest movies of the summer. To start us off is none other than maybe my favorite movie of the summer so far:


Dat’s a HUUUGE b*tch!

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim has everything that I love in my movies: explosions, robots, aliens and Japan. I am a sucker for any movie that includes all of these things and this movie did. I mean really, who is going to a movie like this for the storyline anyway?! Pacific Rim had some of the best explosions, deaths, and general craziness that I have seen in a movie in a while and for that I will say that so far it has been the best movie of the summer for me. I also thought that the actors did a decent job, especially the likes of Idris Elba (Good lord, how AWESOME a name is STACKER PENTECOST?!) and Ron Perlman. However, the fact of the matter was that it was not the best written movie of the summer by far. The whole boy meets girl, boy and girl dislike each other, boy and girl eventually fall in love scenario is old and tired, but everything else that this movie did right made up for that small detail.


If I were them, I’d be scared too!

I love Star Trek. I am not a Trekkie by any means, but I grew up watching Deep Space Nine and so I do have an appreciation for this series. JJ Abram’s Star Trek was nothing short of fantastic. The acting, storyline and everything else about this movie was amazing. It, however, did not get the attention that it should have and did not do that great at the box office so if you have not seen this movie go do it, now!Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and the other familiar faces of the Star Trek crew all reprise their roles and do a great job of making the audience care for them and their dire situation. *SPOILERS* The inclusion of the evil Khan played by Benedict Cumberbatch only added to how much I loved the movie. He was the perfect choice to play this villain. *END SPOILERS* This movie, in my opinion takes on a slightly darker tone and level of hopelessness than the first Star Trek movie and I liked that quite a bit. I definitely cared for the characters in this film….not to mention the fight scenes in this movie were pretty awesome as well. There is nothing like a fight between the Enterprise and its bigger, badder and faster counter part!


“Uh, guys, they got a tank!”

I am a Fast and Furious junkie. I have seen each of these movies more than once and whenever one of them comes on TV I will more than likely watch it. I love the fast cars, the incredibly catchy music, insane car chases and everything else that makes these movies great. Fast and Furious 6 did a great job of incorporating everything that I loved about the other Fast and Furious movies and making the car chases bigger and badder. While not my favorite of the series, that honor belongs to Fast 5 followed closely by this title and Tokyo Drift, it was definitely a worthy entry. I love Dom’s crew and the Rock and the humor that ensues when they are all on screen together. The story was, as always, equal parts unbelievable and wacky but that is what you expect from movies like this. I loved every minute of Fast and Furious 6 and cannot wait until the next installment hits theaters. I will be curious to see if the new director can live up to what Jason Lin did so well with the franchise.


I believe I can fly!

Man of Steel may be the most hit or miss movie on this entire list. I have friends who absolutely adored it and others who thought it was atrocious. I, like many, fall somewhere in the middle. There were a lot of things that Zack Snyder did right while making Man of Steel such as the inclusion of more of Clark’s back story and his short time on Krypton, making Henry Cavill Superman, and the explosions. However, there were also quite a few things he did wrong. The length of some of the fight sequences, in particular the final one, were incredibly long and felt boring after a while. I also did not particularly like Amy Adams as Lois Lane, but I am not sure whether that is her acting or the script that was written for her. My biggest pet peeve with the movie is *SPOILERS* how Superman proves Zod write when Zod states that they only way that the battle stops is if one of them is killed. Superman actually kills Zod and proves the villain right instead of proving him wrong and making him rot in a jail cell of some kind instead *END SPOILERS*  I really hope that when the next installment of the Superman movies comes to theaters (BTW, BATMAN IS IN IT!) that Snyder has learned from his mistakes in the first film and creates the epic Superman movie that we all want.


Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Tin Man. I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

My final entry in this round of Summer Movies is Iron Man 3. Unlike Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 did most everything right. It had the normal bits of Tony Stark humor that everyone has come to know and love, more awesome fight scenes and a story that takes Tony to a place we really have not seen him go before. I enjoyed how it took off right after the events of the Avengers to show how much of a hard time Tony had with finding his place in the world again. It makes sense that after an event like that it would take time for the character to deal with the end of the world and how imminent death was for him and those he loved. Jon Favreau did a great job of incorporating this and Robert Downy Jr showed the audience a side of Tony Stark we were not sure we would ever see. My only qualm with the movie is the ending where somehow *SPOILERS* Tony and Pepper are completely healed and it is happily ever after. It just seemed like the final scene was just a quick fix and I wanted it more fleshed out *END SPOILERS*. Other than that, though, I thought Iron Man 3 was a great edition to the franchise and I am excited to see Tony again in the next Avengers movie.

Well, those are five of the movies that I have seen this summer and my opinion of them. I would love the hear what you all think so please sound off in the comments below! Until next time!

-Megan Highwind has left the party.

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