Final Fantasy Excitment!

Hey everyone! Megan Highwind here again with a short entry about something that I am highly anticipating, Final Fantasy X HD! Now this may not seem like a big deal to everyone, but Final Fantasy X is my second favorite entry in the series. My PlayStation 3 is not backwards compatible and I am not buying the game again, this time from the PSN store, without any upgrades. I will freely admit that I would prefer for Square Enix to just release Final Fantasy XIII Versus (or whatever they are going to call it now, I’ve heard rumors they are changing the title but who really knows?) but I am just glad that they are putting out something that actually interests me.


Recently, they have also disclosed to fans that Final Fantasy X-2 will be included in the bundle. While Fantasy Final X-2 is not on my list of top Final Fantasy games, I did enjoy this game. I liked Shuyin and Lenne’s story even better than I liked the main story of Yuna and Tidus and I thought that the mini games were entertaining and fun. I know that more of the Final Fantasy gaming community would have preferred an HD remake of Final Fantasy VII and myself and a few others would prefer other FF title remakes even before this one, but the way I see it this is a start. I think that if the reception of FFX remade is good, that may persuade Square to continue with remakes for the new generation. I am excited that any remake that Square releases may bring new audiences to the franchise since sometimes bad, or old in this case, graphics can be a turn off for newer gamers. I am glad that these games that I enjoyed so much ten years ago (I know, it makes me feel old too!) are coming back somewhat new and definitely improved. Hopefully, this will be the start of a revolution of remakes from the Square Enix crew and it gets them to realize that fans still love Final Fantasy and maybe get them working faster on releasing Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  Until next time!

-Megan Highwind has left the party.


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