Convention Craze!

Hello everyone! Megan Highwind here! Today, I am going to cover something a little different from what we normally talk about here at Disk Read Error. To preface what I am going to talk about, I am not only a fan of video games but also of anime, comics and the like. One of the most fun things that I have gotten into because of my love of the above is going to conventions. I just got back from one this weekend and had an urge to write about how much fun these events are. I have not been to very many and all of them have been in my region, but I would love to go to more outside of my hometown in the future. I have mostly only been to anime conventions, which also include video game and comic referenced panels (shoutouts to Anime St Louis and Natsucon) and look forward to going to as many as I can each year. I would love to share with all of you why I love these events and why you should go to one!

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First off, the crowd of people that attend these conventions and the amount of excitement they have for the subject matter pertaining to the chosen convention is something that is contagious. Whenever I attend these events everyone is so happy and welcoming so that it is hard not to want to be there.  Whether you want to dress up or not (in case you are wondering, I love to cosplay), people are open to starting a conversation about this or that game or show or even giving you a hug just for being there and being awesome. The fun vibe of the convention does not only stay within the convention center, but works its way into the city or town that it is taking place in as various people dressed up as their favorite characters take over restaurants surrounding the center. Whether you are outgoing or a little more on the shy side, everyone who attends the convention tries hard to make it a warm and inviting place and you know that you have at least one thing in common with everyone so it is easy to make friends. I cannot stress enough that while every other aspect of the con is fun, it really is the people who make it great. There are of course, those people who try to sour the event, but the amount of them compared to the amount of people who are there to just have a good time is next to none.

No, this is not a riot, I promise…but don’t tell us that there is no cake or you may start one.

Another thing I love about conventions are the panels. I really enjoy learning things that I did not know about my favorite anime, video game, voice actor and anything else people decide to throw panels on. There are enough panels per convention that I have never once felt like a topic is tired or that I would not want to attend them anymore. At the anime/gaming conventions I have been to there have been panels on things like the mechanics of how to make one of the above mediums, panels specifically about the different anime/games, game shows based on these topics, and my personal favorite, the 18+ panel that the voice actors throw in which they share their stories of things that have happened to them during their time in the industry among others.

I also love going to the conventions because of the cosplay aspect of them. I will freely admit that I can’t sew so I don’t actually make my own costumes like some others do, but something about dressing up as a character from a game or an anime is fun and adds to the experience.  Part of the thrill of it is that people at the conventions appreciate that you have dressed up and want to take pictures or discuss with you the character you are dressed up as. Another part of the fun is that the outfits that most of these characters wear are not something that is acceptable in everyday society so having one weekend to dress up in something out of the norm is a nice break from social norms regarding what people should and should not wear in public. I personally have cosplayed as Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII, Tifa from Final Fantasy VII-Advent Children, and Serah from Final Fantasy XIII and am hoping if I can afford it in the future to branch out and maybe dress as some non-Final Fantasy characters as well.

The final thing I love about conventions is the dealer room. There is always at least one room full of stuff for sale relating to video games/anime/general nerdom… need I say more?

So. Much. Stuff!

All in all, if you have never attended one of these get togethers, you should! It may not be for everyone, least of all those who are not interested in the subject matter being presented, but as far as I am concerned it should be something that anyone who loves video games/anime/comics, etc. should go to at least once. Go, if for no other reason than to get the experience of being in a space with a bunch of people who love the same thing you do and want nothing else than to celebrate how great it is to be a fan.

So I would love to know, have any of you ever been to a convention? Which ones? Did you enjoy the experience and have anything you would like to add about why people should or should not attend one of these events? Please sound off in the comments below! Until next time!

-Megan Highwind has left the party.


3 thoughts on “Convention Craze!

  1. I’ve only gone to New York Comic Con since I live in New York, but I really enjoy the experience. I keep going back every year, and I wish to attend other cons in other cities.

    What you described is exactly how I feel about going to a convention––the energy, the great cosplay, all of it is fun to soak in. My problem with going to a convention is I can never tear myself away from the dealers room. My friends and I tend to spend more time there than going to the panels. But if there are panels we really want to go to, we will make time for them.

    A good tip about going to any convention is to make sure you bring enough money with you. More often than not, you will find something you will want to buy. I don’t think I’ve ever come out of a convention empty handed yet.


  2. I once ponied up some cash and somehow ended up going to Anime Boston. Let’s just say that was pretty fun. I’d mostly been going to my local anime conventions, but never anything out of state. So I ended up having fun being in a new place and overall, the convention was a blast.

    I think the only thing you need to keep in mind is to be mindful of what convention you go to. If it’s a small con, expect small attendance. If it’s a large con, expect large attendance. I.E, don’t go complaining about long lines and its hard to move to get to where you need to go — you plan ahead of schedule.


  3. I think that you are both giving great advice for those going to cons. Money and pre planning are always important! And I totally agree about the dealer’s room. It is hard to leave there without buying at least some food. I always end up buying at least some Ramune and fruit chews Everytime I go.


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