Starcraft II, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Bioshock Infinite… It’s ReviewAgeddon!! Part One

Howdy boys and girls, it’s me again, March was a long yet fruitful month. As you may know I was extremely excited for this particular trio of games to come out. And now my little duckies you get to find out if I liked, loved, hated or didn’t even play them. It’s been a busy month and honestly I barely found the time, but there was gaming to be done and by golly nothing was going to stop me. Not even real life… O_O

Because SCREW real life.

Because SCREW real life.

And away we go…

Let’s start with the first game on my list for the late month of March and that would be Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Heart of the Swarm, is the sequel to Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. While Wings focused on the Terran the the ever awesome Jim Raynor, Heart of the Swarm focuses on my favorite faction the Zerg and the equally awesome Kerrigan. Suck it Protoss and Terran, Hydralisks 4 LYFE!


Disclaimer time! Now I am not a huge Starcraft nut, I mostly play just to see the story. PvP is not something that I will most likely, ever be interested it. This is not because I don’t find the concept interesting, it’s just I know that I am not very good at the game. Somethings you are good at others well.. not so much. RTS just happens to not be my strongest suit of mine. Moving along… I thought Heart of the Swarm at least the story bit was everything I wanted it to be. And that makes a Jessica happy.

To avoid spoilers here is my rendition of the story mode of Heart of the Swarm. At first I was like eh… Then I was like oh.. okay I see what your doing. Then I was like what?! Then I was like No way! No. Then I was like Dang, !@# be getting real. Then some other stuff happened and it was awesome. Then I was like Really? REALLY? Then I was like Ok Good. Then I was like FINALLY. The End.

If you don’t really enjoy RTS games, I still think that Heart of the Swarm is worth a look. The story is worth it (at least in my opinion) Gameplay is fun (regardless if you are lame like me or not) and you get to play as the Zerg what is there not to love?

Who would't love that face? LOOK AT THAT WIDDLE GUY!

Who would’t love that face? LOOK AT THAT WIDDLE GUY!

Stay Tuned for Part Two where I discuss Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon.


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