Cube 2.0: A Continuation.

As promised, here is the conclusion to my tale to be united with the ever elusive (at least to me) Nintendo Gamecube. I am not one to recap really, but last time on Jessica Story Time… we left our hero waiting on the phone, awaiting the the news on if there was a local store that which she could purchase that hopefully platinum console.

So fly, I'd wear it around my neck,

So fly, I’d wear it around my neck,

And now stay tuned for our exciting conclusion…

The clerk spoke again. I held my breath. “It turns out there is one that I can find” A jolt of excited energy ran through my body. “Really where and can you tell them to hold it for me?” To which I got a response that I just did not want to hear. “Yeah, sure it’s in BlahBlahBlah” Again my heart sunk, there would be no time for me to travel that distance before the store shut after work, nor did I have the means to travel that far on the weekend. It seemed again that the cube has slipped through my fingers yet again. I replied “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t really get to that location, it’s fine though, thanks” And just about as I was going to hang up the phone. That clerk spoke once more. Those beautiful words that I can remember right now but probably not next week. “Do you want me to have it shipped to this store?”

Wait an goshdarn minute, you can do that?! Does it cost more? Really? All these thoughts rushed through that tiny brain of mine. Finally I manged to stammer “Y-yes please” I could barely contain my excitement. Now here is the part of the story where I play with time, in short, I gave the store my contact information on the promise that next week I would be the proud owner of a Nintendo Gamecube. The only interesting part to this section of time was the fact that I was hopping around chanting in a singsong way “I’m getting a Gamecube, I’m getting a Gamecube, I’m getting a Gamecube” Over and over and over again.

Alas the day had come I counted the hours until I could get off work and be united with my beloved cube. I agonized over it. Why wouldn’t time go faster?! But eventually time got to its destination, and away I traveled with Joshua Evo in tow to finally pick up the cube. You can ask him yourself I was physically hyped and bouncing up and down. We arrived. I walked into the store paid a pittance of money and they handed me a white box with the word Gamecube written on the side. Shady…

But when I got to the car and realized, I didn’t even know the color of my new baby. Would it be black, purple or shiny shiny platinum. With shaking hands I opened the box, it was all there, the cords, the controller, and the console, the platinum console. Then Evo said it, words that would shatter my joy and make me realize a derp that I had made…. Do you have a memory card?



Now I knew that I didn’t have any games, but how could I have forgotten that consoles of that generation had memory cards.. DERP! So here I was, gameless, memory cardless. With a console I could do nothing with. -insert sad trumpet noise here-

With some outreach of where I should look (not the internet, the internet is shady, and the list-of-Craig which is even more shady) and many days later, I did manage to make it to local store that still sold accessories for older consoles and games. In the end I managed to wrangle a new controller, 2 Zelda games, a memory card, as well as Mario Party 6 and Super Mario Sunshine. Not bad, and now the gaming begins.

Note to self next time I buy and old console, make sure to acquire games and any other necessary accessories beforehand, because there is nothing as sad as a Gamecube that has nothing to play.

Now seriously out of my way I have Zelda to play!

-Jessica OUT


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