It’s Time for the March of Hype!

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s me again the amazing, the fabulous Jessica Valentine. I know y’all missed me. First of all I would like to apologize for my lack of presence over these first two months of the year, but after I returned from an all-too-short vacation I managed to get slapped in the face by a large fishie called “reality”. No it was not Magikarp… But enough about me and more about what has brought about my GLORIOUS return.

As you may have noticed it’s March, whilst March is usually not a note worthy month for me, this year I am very excited as it marks the launch of at the very least 3 games that I have wanted for a long and I mean long time. (Note I am probably forgetting some games as my brain is still more scattered than buck shot). For me at least I am nearly jumping out of my skin waiting for Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Bioshock Infinite, and of course Luigi’s Mansion II: Dark Moon to release. So much is the yearning for these games that I found myself for the second time in my professional career asking “Is it March yet, why can’t it be March?”. The first time I heard myself utter such sentiment for a video game was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which released on 11.11.11.

Can I haz my games nao?

Can I haz my games nao?

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is the second of three installments in the Starcraft II series. You can tell based on the title that this installment focuses on the most lovable, most adorable Zerg. Oh how I heart them.  I can’t wait to see where this installment goes after the ending of Wings of Liberty. Sorry no spoilers here. From the trailers for Heart of the Swarm it looks like !@# is about to go down and Kerrigan you are my homeslice. Finally all I have to say is if you haven’t played Wings of Liberty pick it up and play before Heart of the Swarm drops on 3.12.13. When Heart of the Swarm does hit the shelves for PC pick it up give it a spin and embrace that little Zergling in all of us.

D'awwww! Don't you just wanna take him home?

D’awwww! Don’t you just wanna take him home?

Moving on to mobile gaming and away from the PC the next game I cannot wait to get my hands on is Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon. Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon is the sequel to the Nintendo Gamecube’s Luigi’s Mansion which all the way back in 2001. (That really makes me feel old…-sniffle-) Personally I loved the original Luigi’s Mansion, though it was not everyone’s cup of tea at the time. I loved to explore, solve puzzles and overall thought the game was just fun. I am unsure as to what new changes/challenges await me on Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon for the 3DS, but I have waited over ten years for a sequel and it looks like I will finally get it on 03.24.13.



Finally on to the console! I want Bioshock Infinite. I need Bioshock Infinite. I yearn for Bioshock Infinite. AND OMG IT’S ALMOST HERE *SQUEEEEEE!!*… OK, calming myself down now. On 03.26.13 Bioshock Infinite hits the shelves and its about damn time. This production has been plagued by troubles and release date push backs (much to my dismay). Bioshock Infinite looks amazing from everything that I have seen thus far. Unfortunately with great hope comes great fear. I have a sneaking feeling this game may not live up to my hype, then again my cautious approach may all this game to blow me out of the water..err.. sky. Stay tuned to find out.

Not sure if Bioshock cover or Uncharted...

Not sure if Bioshock cover or Uncharted…

Well kiddies, that is why I am looking forward to this month. It would seem I have lots to game and less time to game in. Tune back in to read my opinions on these games later in the month or in early April. Until then I bid you all, Adieu.

-Jessica VANISH- 


2 thoughts on “It’s Time for the March of Hype!

  1. Well, it’s about time Bioshock Infinite comes out. I was excited. Now just want to play it already -_-
    Fun to see you’re looking forward to the latest Starcraft II expansion. I’m a Protoss person, so more waiting for the awesomeness, but it ought to be super-cool to see more drama.


    • I agree Bioshock cannot come out soon enough. Personally with Starcraft II I am Zerg all the way. I don’t know what it is but I find them adorable. Also I am quite interested to see what they do with Kerrigan after the ending of the last game.


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