Is this truly the FINAL Fantasy?

Hello everyone, Megan Highwind here! Joshua Evo sent me an interesting article from the website Kotaku that prompted me to examine and wonder about my feelings on the future of the Final Fantasy series as we know it. If it is not obvious, I am a huge fan of this series and the article entitled “The Slow, Excruciating Death of Final Fantasy” discussed a new game from Square Enix entitle, Final Fantasy All the Bravest, is a game which pits heroes of the series against villains while various themes from the different titles play in the background. Now, I have yet to play this title since I refuse to pay any money for something that has, in every sense of the word, been considered terrible by everyone that has reviewed it. However, this article not only brought up this poor excuse for an addition to the long lived franchise, but how the future of the Final Fantasy series as a whole is in question due to poor choices in titles and lack of anything with any real sense of depth from Square Enix as of late in regards to Final Fantasy and how the writer of the above article feels that Final Fantasy has gone off the deep end and may never recover.

My favorite series of all time.

IS it Final? Who knows?

Square Enix has become a bit of a money grabbing company as of late, this is hard to deny, but the titles they have released are not games that make fans come and stay with a series. Between titles released for the iOS that cost an arm and a leg just to buy some new little upgrade and the terror that is Final Fantasy XIV, there are definitely questions to be raised. It is obvious that all companies in the industry are out to make some money, of that there is no question. It just seems as though Square has become too focused on the money and has started to forget how to make those good, solid, interesting titles of years past. Now, before anyone who likes Final Fantasy XIII gets down my throat about being an old fart who is always going to say things were better back “in my day”, let me tell you that is not the case. I did not love Final Fantasy XIII, I will not lie about that. But, I did not think that it it is the worst thing that happened to the series. It did bring in new fans who never had interest and maybe reawakened new fans who were wanting a change in pace. It also added some new systems and elements to the series that were fun to play. I do think, however, that in trying to bring new fans into the fold, Square has pushed away some of its veteran players. It seems like ever since Square Soft became Square Enix, everything for the series has changed. The first game after the combination, Final Fantasy XII, was fairly similar to other games before the merge except with a more action RPG based fighting style instead of the more familiar turn based style. Then, Final Fantasy XIII took this more action based style even further and changed even more from the older style. Some fans love this new direction that the series has taken while others disagree. The main point I am trying to make is that these changes have changed how veterans feel about the series and that is bound to catch up with Square at some point. There were a lot of people who were excited about Final Fantasy XIII, less excited about XIII-2, and I am supposing from that trend even less are awaiting this final installment in the Lightning saga. Now, will I play this title? Yes. Will I enjoy myself at least somewhat? Probably. However, if Square wants to save itself from losing the fans that it has built from the inception of the Final Fantasy franchise, something needs to change. Things have just become too different for fans of the older titles and while newer fans may enjoy these changes, compromises need to be made to keep both sides happy.

No, you can't take away the Chocobos!

Not the Chocobos. Never the Chocobos.

In my opinion, Square needs to take Final Fantasy Versus and release it, SOON. It may be too late for some fans who kept waiting and being disappointed, but for the series to recover its veterans and keep its new fans Square should release this game. You might ask why I am saying this. Final Fantasy Versus looks to be the combination of the two that will keep both sets of fans happy. I could be completely wrong on this, but at this point what does the company have to lose? From all of the screen shots and demos we have seen Versus uses the old school open world style, storyline concepts and emo main characters, while incorporating the more action oriented style of the newer versions of the series. As I said earlier, there are fans that have been lost and gained by Square Enix as of the past few years. My disappointment in the direction the series has taken I’m sure is apparent from my reviews of the past two Final Fantasy titles. I think that XIII disappointed a bit too much with the overly linear style and XIII-2 tried to bring some of that back, which is why I prefer the latter over its predecessor. However, Square could do better. I have been a fan of Final Fantasy for over 10 years now and in order for the company to keep myself, other older fans, and newer fans from getting bored and straying from the beloved series, Square needs to work to merge the new and the old to make a game everyone can enjoy. I do agree with one thing, at least, that the author has said though, for good or for bad the Final Fantasy series will never be the same.

-Megan Highwind has left the party.


6 thoughts on “Is this truly the FINAL Fantasy?

  1. Personally, I feel that Square has it’s hands elbow deep in way too much ****. That is all I see what is wrong with the company. Business wise, financial wise I know not too much about. But I do know if you want to buy a car, a home, have a baby and buy lunch you are going to have some serious money problems. Which is what I think I see from Square.

    The company is not a bad company, their games are never truly bad. I say that coming from someone who thinks ff7 is overrated, thought 13 was garbage and on top of it they continue the story of one of the series of the games most people didn’t like (13). However there is one thing we cannot argue, they know how to make their games how they want to. They know how to make these games gorgeous.

    I buy most of their games for their Cinematics ALONE. Hands down I’ve yet to see a final fantasy, console game with crappy cinematics. Their way of storytelling is amazing. But the pursuit of westernizing their games is killing them. ALONG with them trying to make multiple games.

    Currently I’m waiting for Kingdom hearts 1.5 remix, ff10HD, ff14, ff13-3, ff 13 versus and even though it hasnt been announced, kingdom hearts 3. I don’t know any other studio that has this much of a backlog. The last game that took long to come out was Duke Nukem and we all know where that went.

    Now if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you put your best foot forward. If you have a studio filled with top developers then you put them all together to finish your projects. The remakes can be handled by the newer lesser of the company.

    I assume ff14 had something to dow ith this considering the amount of money they lost trying to fix this game. But to be honest if I were them I’d put out the KH remakes, along with any FF remakes and rake in the easy money while you have everyone work on Versus, OR JUST ff13-3. Not this clustered backlog.

    And the whole making their games like Westerners. To be honest, I love Mass Effect, but **** THEM. THey have NOTHING on the name Final Fantasy. And I can say this from observation not fanboyism or anything because I don’t think FF is that amazing.

    Get your **** together or join THQ. Capcom is getting close too!


  2. Personally I think that Square Enix have just gone beyond the point of no return. In my opinion FFXIII was okay, FFXIII-2 was awful, and this new one, Lightning Returns isn’t even a Final Fantasy game in my eyes. I agree that it may be bringing in a new kind of fan, but I just don’t care about the series anymore. I started with FFVII, and will confess that it is my favourite and I am totally in love with it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to new things.

    I think it’s more the fact that the JRPG genre is dying. Fans say they want something different, and then complain when random encounters are taken away and live action fighting is put in place of turn based combat. The game companies can’t really win, so that’s when they turn into money grabbers.


    • As much as I hate to admit it, it is hard to have faith in Square anymore when they keep making decisions that seem to be the opposite of what people are asking for. I totally agree with you though when you say that people want things to be new and different and then complain when they are. Final Fantasy VIII is my personal favorite and I would have been perfectly happy with the JRPG staying similar to back then. Good JRPGs are getting harder to find and it would be nice if some companies would continue to work at making great ones. I love the American style of RPG too, I just wish we could still have great titles from both styles of RPG.


  3. Versus XIII does need to be released because it is the only game that fans are crying out for. I would love to purchase that game as the last FF game I would play. They should have stopped at XIII to be honest. Noel and Lighting are cool characters in Fabula Nova Crystallis but Versus XIII has been something fans have wanted since the first trailer came out 5 years ago.

    Also, I am thinking about pitching a storyline idea to FFXVI (because FFXV will likely to be in development when I’m done) so I hope it isn’t the end of the franchise’s popularity.


    • Pretty much, yeah. I suppose that since FFX-2 didn’t do all that great, SE was a little hesitant about rushing anything out “for fan outcry”, as absurd as THAT sounds. Meanwhile, we’re sitting here waiting for the new Lightning game… while she is a pretty strong main character, three games is a bit much unless she’s getting her own series… oh, wait a minute. >_<

      You should definitely pitch an original story, lord knows it seems like the only people who know how to produce a Final Fantasy game anymore are the fans.


      • I like Lighting too but getting her own series is a bit much…they saw what X-2 was like so I wonder why they weren’t just happy ending XIII at that instead of creating XIII-2.

        I definitely will and I’ll tell you about it, I want to post it on my blog soon but I am also scared of plagiarising. If Final Fantasy doesn’t like it then maybe I will just create an original storyline and pitch it to a company somehow. 🙂


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