In-A-Gadda-Da-Vita, honey. Don’t you know that I love you? I WANT to, at least.

What. Is. Good. Everyone? Joshua Evo here, fresh off a very relaxing two week vacation and ready to dive in to all things gamey with you all. During my time away, I had a pretty good amount of travel time, be it in on an aircraft, a train, car or otherwise. As such, I got to spend some time with an old friend I’ve had for a while that I just never seemed to connect much with until I had some distraction-free hours with which I could actually do so.


So do you wanna like, get a cup of coffee or something?

Let me just go on record and say that I freaking love my PS Vita. As a matter of fact, I was an early adopter and root for the system still. I think it’s got a multitude of great things going for it. The massive 5-inch OLED screen, dual analog sticks, the Sixaxis motion sensing system, Wi-Fi, 3G, touchscreen, rear touchpad, two cameras and powerful quad-core GPU are just a few I can name.The device was also recently given apps for YouTube, Facebook and Skype to name a few, as well as inclusion in the Playstation Plus program and the Instant Game Library further bolstering its game support. All things considered, it’s probably the most powerful handheld gaming device on the planet at present… so why is it doing so poorly commercially? There’s a lot of reasons for this and there have been SEVERAL articles written by various sources regarding the subject and many of them bring up some great points that I’m in agreement with. Personally though, if I had to point the finger at one specific thing outside of the usual points like better title support and improved UI, it’d probably be…


I wouldn’t pay this much to save my OWN memories.

This is MUCH more than just a minor point. How many of you remember the days when owning a 1 GB Pro Duo Memory Stick for the PSP made you the sh*t and would set you back a cool $100? Well, those days are very much back in vogue with the Vita. Not ONLY are the sticks proprietary but there’s no currently no third-party manufacturing them to possibly offer a cheaper alternative. Additionally, the sizes of said sticks are pretty inadequate, especially when one factors in the new Playstation Plus compatibility. In my opinion, the  4GB and 8GB sizes should only ever be used for game saves. To get the fill potential out of all the nifty new features afforded to the Vita, you pretty much have to go to the big 32GB stick, which as I mentioned, is $100. Honestly, this could have been easily rectified by lowering the prices in some form or hell, making the Vita Micro SD compatible. Hopefully this is just sort of becomes an easily corrected, early production phase oversight as time goes on and that other steps are taken to try to salvage the Vita, as sagging sales figures dog it at every opportunity. Also, it seems that there’s rumor that Monster Hunter 4 may be slated for a Vita port. That could do the trick too. 

— Evo out.

4 thoughts on “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vita, honey. Don’t you know that I love you? I WANT to, at least.

  1. I do love my Vita, but as you said, with the memory issue it can be a love/hate relationship. Truthfully, the lack of memory space can deter someone from buying more games for fear of running out of space for saves. God forbid you want to purchase downloadable games. The Uncharted game that was released with Playstation Plus as a free game is currently filling the entirety of one of the 4GB memory cards I have.


    • Pretty much. I also think ahead to players who may not have had PSN Plus at the time it was made available to the Vita. Say they purchased a 1 year membership and found their current Memory Stick size to be severely lacking? Well now they need to plunk down another $60+ to upgrade their memory. So at minimum, they’re spending a minimum of $110 on top of the $249 that was paid for the console. It’s actually a brilliant financial move there, guys… too bad the library of games isn’t terribly deserving of a total $360 investment just yet.


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