Gaming News – Pokemon X and Y Announced

What’s good, everyone? Welcome to 2013 and one of the busiest Q1’s in my gaming memory. I’ll get to that as the year rolls on but for today, we’re going to discuss Nintendo’s recent Pokemon game. Obviously, when Nintendo said last week that they had a Pokemon-related announcement, most of us assumed it was going to be a new game, possibly optimized for the 3DS. Sure enough, we were right.

The game is going to be completely in 3D and is slated for a simultaneous worldwide release in October 2013. The trailer also offers a first look at the at the three new starting Pokemon: the Grass-type Chespin, the Fire-type Fennekin and my personal favorite of the three, the Water-type Froakie. Also featured is some gameplay footage where battles and even random encounters have been greatly enhanced.

Source > Joystiq

Obviously, James B. Boss and I are pretty hype for this game. So much to the point that while watching the trailer, we expressed vocal exasperation at the choice of using a Fire-type attack on a Psyduck. Wow, now that I look at it, that’s pretty bad. Oh well, no going back now.

— Evo out.

5 thoughts on “Gaming News – Pokemon X and Y Announced

  1. My first impression upon hearing this was disappointment. I was expecting an announcement on a Ruby/Sapphire remake instead. But now I’m looking forward to it’s release, the thing is though I need to buy a 3DS first >__<


    • Gotta say, I really wouldn’t hate the idea of a Ruby/Sapphire remake. It had one of the strongest new Pokemon rosters ever and that Team Aqua/Magma battle music is too good. Just sayin’, haha.


      • Agreed too, the story for it was a change too. It is one of my most favourite Pokémon games ever and I’m sure by now the 10th anniversary for the game has already passed so us fans deserve it no? 😛


      • Agreed on that… for days.

        I also happen to think that there are too damn many Pokemon already. I haven’t seen anything particularly new or awesome since Metagross. Oh, Metagross.


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