[UPDATE] Kaiju Combat? Please and Thank you.


**UPDATE 12/18/2012: Despite the large donations backing out, Kaiju Combat was still able to reach AND surpass its $100,000 goal today (for realsies this time). There are a little over 60 hours left into the project and the production team has revealed the details of the Stretch Goal plan. So once again, congratulations to the production team and all the fans who banded together once again, to get this project funded**

*UPDATE 12/16/2012: So it turns out that the two of the larger donations to the project were complete hoaxes and Kaiju Combat is now about $15,000 shy of its complete funding. However, there are still five days left in the campaign and hopefully the fans are able to rally once again to get this project funded for real. You can read more about the incident HERE.*

What’s good, everyone? Joshua Evo back again with a bit of an update from a story I wrote a week or so ago. On December 3rd, I highlighted a Kickstarter project called “Kaiju Combat” which (if funded) promised to be the ultimate fighting game experience for fans of the Kaiju (or Japanese giant monster) genre. It was a tantalizing prospect but at the time, was $40,000 or so shy of its total goal. Thankfully, with the help of generous fans, a spotlight piece on Joystiq and designer Simon Strange doing a reddit IAmA, the project crossed into its goal of $100,00 today at around 5pm Pacific Time. 


The design team is obivously very excited but have promised to “be back in a few hours to lay out our stretch goals, and next steps!  WOOT!” so it goes without saying that all fans and contributors are very excited to see where the project goes from here. I know for a fact that I certainly am. At any rate, big congratulations to the Kaiju Combat team and thanks much all the fans and fellow contributors. Let’s go about making good on that promise and making it the ultimate monster fighting game!

Once again, you can get more details on game details, backer rewards and generously contribute to the campaign HERE.

Sign up for an account Sunstone Games community forums to interact with the makers and designers and other fans of the project and genre. Definitely stop by and have a look at the Kaiju Combat online design wiki for more in-depth details and to really get an idea of the tremendous potential this game has.

— Evo out.


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