The Hits and Misses of 2012 – Part 4 of 4

Uh oh. Here comes trouble. What’s good, everyone? You’re here with Joshua Evo and it’s Day 4 of our personal Hits and Misses of 2012 list. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading what we’ve had to say so far. Feel free to throw us what you all thought were your own Best/Most Disappointing/Most Surprising games of the year. I’m actually going to get started with the game that was my most disappointing, as just like my brother, I don’t like leaving things on a sour note.

I’m not going to lie. I had no real interest in playing this game until a close friend of mine threatened to spoil the ending to StarCraft II (which I had not played yet at the time for whatever reason) unless I played it with her. I hadn’t played any of the other games in the series and I was only marginally curious but I decided to cave and give Diablo III a whirl.

Ok, so I skipped ahead a LITTLE bit. Diablo II couldn't have been THAT important... right?

Ok, so I skipped ahead a LITTLE bit. Diablo II couldn’t have been THAT important… right?

As I previously said, I wasn’t a closer follower of series and had little to no idea what the story was about. Thankfully, due to the efforts of several friends and hours on Wikipedia, I got enough of the plot to not be completely in the dark and I played soloed the game my first time through it. While I did enjoy my time with it, Diablo III seemed a little, hollow. There was was a pretty noticeable lack of anything to do after completing the main game. Granted, people did warn me that that was pretty standard and that at that point it was about getting stronger, looking for stronger loot and playing it on harder difficulty settings. However, with the absence of a PvP mode, relatively easy access to great equipment by way of the Auction House, CONSTANT maintenance and feature update after update, most of which were either barely functional or clunky to use (I’m looking at YOU, Real Money Auction House) the game began to feel tiresome and seemed to wear out its welcome pretty quickly. I just want to stress, this is not me at ALL saying that this is a BAD game. Despite its shortcomings, I did end up sinking a good 150+ hours into Diablo III before I stopped playing but it just seemed to fall kind of short in holding my attention much longer than that.

Moving right along, I want to hit on the game 2012 game that surprised the hell out of me for how much fun I had playing it, despite the fact that it was completely non-sensical, borderline ridiculous and for the most part, critically panned. I am of course talking about the unexplainably fun Lollipop Chainsaw.

Bear with me on this one guys. Or just stare at the picture. Either works,

Bear with me on this one guys. Or just stare at the picture. Either works,

Without intending a SHRED of disrespect intended to anyone involved with the production of this game, I’d like you all to tell me who looks at an image like the one above and thinks “That right there? Game of the Year. Hands down.” I can tell you that from the first bit of footage I spotted at a Gamestop one day that I sure as hell didn’t. Actually, I remember talking to my friend who worked there about how stupid the game looked. He then informed me that the infamous Suda51 was behind this game. Considering that I thought Killer 7 was a pretty awesome game in its own right, I thought maybe I dismissed Lollipop Chainsaw too quickly… until the video replayed itself and I decided “Yeah, that’s not happening.”Fast forward ahead a few weeks and I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while for a gaming session. Guess what game he put into the console? So try as I did to avoid it, I was playing Lollipop Chainsaw. The surprising part was that two hours later, I was STILL playing it.  I made the decision to buy it for myself right then and it’s one that I don’t regret in the slightest. The game has been horribly panned for being silly, ridiculous, shallow, mindless and even sexist but to be fair, if you picked this up expecting the next Skyrim, you deserve a chainsaw to the face. The off-kilter music, hilarious plot and over-the-top EVERYTHING combined with feeding that need that gamers sometimes have just to sit down after a long day and chop some stuff up all came together pretty well and I’m not at ALL ashamed to say that I enjoyed the hell out of this game. 

Finally, we come to my Best of 2012. While there were a few games that really held my attention this year, I definitely have to give this one to Borderlands 2.

Only downside? Claptrap, shut your trap!

Who doesn’t love crazy masked weirdos pointing gun fingers at themselves?

I was a huge fan of the first game. Not was it pretty much a come-from-out-of-nowhere original IP but it was also home to fantastic story, offered refreshing take on the FPS genre and was generally so off-the-wall that I couldn’t put it down. The sequel took this and improved on it further. One of the most stand-out things about Borderlands 2 to me has to be the villain. For me to be compelled to keep playing a game like this, there are two crucial questions that need to be properly addressed fairly early on: “Who is the big antagonist?” and “Do I care enough to bring him down?” Anyone who’s played this will tell you that Borderlands 2 deftly answers both questions through their presentation of Handsome Jack, who ends up being  one of the most vile, contemptible villiains ever put into a video game. Tack on to that some excellent writing by Anthony Burch of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? fame, amazing vocal performances, improved game mechanics, TONS more weapons and just the right amount of callbacks to the previous game and you have a game the easily takes a game of the year honor.

OK, so this is KIND of a cheat but I have to throw one more game as an honorable mention for best game of 2012 and that’s Gravity Rush for the Playstation Vita.

Uhh, anyone else feeling a little dizzy?

Uhh, anyone else feeling a little dizzy?

I’ve been a Vita owner since right about the time it launched and while I was always a fan of the hardware, it had a serious lack of title support in the early going. So, as ashamed as I am to say it, I nearly gave up on the handheld, until I saw Gravity Rush. This is another game that came out of nowhere and completely blew me away. For the uninitiated, the game centers around a mysterious girl named Kat and her, um, cat. The latter cat grants the former Kat the power to control and manipulate gravity, a power she must use to keep the city of Hekseville from an oncoming gravity storm and the monsters that accompany it, called Nevi. Not only is this game great amounts of fun and just a joy to look at but it also takes FULL advantage of all of the Vita’s functions and features, making it both an amazing standalone game and a highlighter for the handheld itself, easily becoming one of the first “must play” titles on the Vita. Gravity Rush was also recently made a free game for Playstation Plus members so those who haven’t played it are out of excuses. 

So that concludes the Disk Read Error Best/Most Disappointing/Most Surprising games of 2012. We hope you all enjoyed reading them and apologies if your choices for these categories weren’t on our lists but definitely feel free to post your own or otherwise let us know what you thought in the comments section below. As is becoming VERY apparent, the holiday season is in FULL swing so the post frequency will be a LITTLE less but we’ll be back in full swing in 2013. Also, say tuned for a special post coming soon!

— Evo out.


4 thoughts on “The Hits and Misses of 2012 – Part 4 of 4

  1. I have to say you pretty much nailed my Best(including the honorable mention)/ Most surprising games. The only difference for me would be the most disappointing since I didn’t play Diabo III. The game that disappointed me the most was Darksiders II, which was not a bad game at all, but fell sort of flat for me. In all fairness, Darksiders II was a game I was playing to fill time until Borderlands 2 came out so maybe I was distracted at the time and didn’t give it a proper chance.


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