LEGO Lord of the Rings: Return of the Review

Good morning/afternoon/evening and for those night-dwellers among us, Happy Midnight! It’s a rare day here at Disk Read Error: DOUBLE POST DAY! Go us, being all productive and $%^&. Today I will be reviewing LEGO Lord of the Rings, and despite getting a severe case of writers block halfway through this sentence onward I forge.

Breaking traditional review format with numbers and things, I am just going to lay out my opinion of what was good what was bad and what was what. (Side note, I just found out that BioShock Infinite just got pushed back to March…Grrrrr) Let’s start with the graphics! Seems like a good place to start. Anywho.. Let’s be honest, it’s a LEGO game. All your favorite characters have been turned into adorable LEGO figures and obviously, a lot of love and detail went into crafting the scenes and landscapes. As far as a LEGO game goes, its damn pretty, but it is a LEGO game. How shiny can it get?

Despite preconceived notions, LEGOs can apparently be very shiny.

Despite preconceived notions, LEGOs can apparently be very shiny.

As you may or may not know in LEGO Batman 2: DC Heroes, a vocal track was added that does not consist of incoherent mumbling. Yes that’s right folks, they actually TALK now. For LEGO Lord of the Rings, the vocals from the movie were played while the figures in game acted out the parts. Personally, this is why the game fell flat for me. While Lord of the Rings is not the “darkest” of movies, it does take itself seriously. Using the movie soundtrack coupled with a game that will throw in bits of humor everywhere it can, caused a serious disconnect for me. To cite an example, when the Nazgul get washed down river by Arwen’s oddly specific spell, one of the black riders has a surf board. A !@#$%^& surf board.  It actually made me stop playing and grab my DVD’s.

Look Ma, no surfboard!

Look Ma, no surfboard!

To be frank with you, I couldn’t bring myself to play very far into the game. It wasn’t as lighthearted and fun as the LEGO games of the past had been for me. Maybe I am finally growing weary of them. Maybe the scale has just gotten too big. Maybe it’s just the fact that the figures talk. Sadly, LEGO Lord of the Rings did not live up to my expectations. However,  if you do want to give it a whirl, I would wait until it is available at a lower price or rent it.

– Jessica Sad…


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