Kaiju Combat? Why, yes please.

So as the majority of readers will now full well by now, I am a pretty devoted fighting gamer. I don’t claim to be all that great at them, nor do I have NEAR the skill or execution that you will probably have seen in the various combo and gameplay videos you see online but I do love the hell out of them. I’ll legitimately take a chance on any game that comes out that falls into the genre, be it a traditional one-on-one fighting game like Street Fighter,  the team-vs-team games like the Marvel vs Capcom games or the madcap lunacy of everyone one the battlefield for themselves like in the Smash Bros. games or the recently released Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Long story short, if it even somehow resembles a fighting game or a has fighting-style game play mode,  it’ll get on my radar.

Even the most sophisticated radar systems occasionally make mistakes.

Even the most sophisticated radar systems occasionally make mistakes.

What you MAY not know is that I’m also a fan of giant monsters like Godzilla and his ilk. I grew up watching these movies and as James Rolfe mentioned in the Angry Video Game Nerd’s Godzilla episode, us of the younger generation didn’t really have what you would call a “good” Godzilla game to play on home consoles. Granted, I played them ANYWAY but they were nothing that withstood the test of time. There were of course the pretty awesome King of the Monsters games that sat on Neo-Geo cabinets in arcades around the world, feasting on the quarters of those intrepid enough to try to complete them in as few sittings as possible.

Seeing this screen usually meant I was wasn't doing laundry for another week.

Seeing this screen usually meant I was wasn’t doing laundry for another week.

Much later on, the Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters games by Atari/Pipeworks were released. These more my speed, as they focused on players taking control of their favorite monsters and battling each other while trashing everything in sight. Then as is the process of technical evolution, we reached the current generation of video games and my beloved giant monster battle game seems to be nowhere in sight. Additionally, with the news of a new Godzilla film in production and the film Pacific Rim on the horizon, I and many of my fellow monster movies are feeling that hype for new monster media. Thankfully, it seems like there is a glimmer of hope. Kyle Yount, host of the Kaijucast (a podcast dedicated to Godzilla and all of his rubber-suited foes) recently made me aware of a cross-platform development company called Sunstone Games LLC. They’re working with the unbelievably talented Bob Eggleton and Matt Frank, both of which Godzilla artists of incredible renown. as well as the team and technology behind the Atari/Pipeworks games and most awesome of all, fan input, in a second-chance Kickstarter campaign to fund and develop what is poised to become the definitive giant monster fighting game. I present to you all, Kaiju Combat. 


My fellow monster movie buffs will know that “Kaiju” is the Japanese word for “monster”. The “Combat” part should be self-explanatory. The details from the Kickstarter page definitely show some potential:

Game Features:

  • 1-4 player battles in awesome environments. 
  • Frequent releases of new content (monsters, stories, game modes) which can be mixed & matched with your existing content, or purchased as stand-alone products!
  • Our first Kaiju Combat release will feature Kaiju concepts submitted by our backers.  Check out the reward tiers!
  • Future releases will feature monsters such as Gamera, Ultraman, Godzilla, Zone Fighter, Stay-Puft, Cthulhu, and plenty more originals!
  • Online matchmaking & tournament play. LAN support too. 
  • DRM-free PC release (console release date TBA, as funding allows) 
  • Dynamic grappling, melee, ranged weapons, flight, burrowing, teleportation, dizzies, air combos, OTG hits, reversals, parries, super moves & more! 

Source > Kaiju Combat Kickstarter page

As I mentioned previously, the second chance campaign for this phenomenal project is live and is actually drawing to a close in just a couple of weeks. As with all great Kickstarter projects, there is a rewards tier system in place for backers of specific amounts. As a Kaiju fan AND fighting game fan, I’ll definitely be contributing to this project and look forward to eventually seeing it released, as the compiled talent behind this game and the creative input from passionate fans will undoubtedly yield a project that cannot be missed.

You can get more details on game details, backer rewards and generously contribute to the campaign HERE.

Also, feel free to check out the Sunstone Games community forums to interact with the makers and designers and other fans of the project and genre. Definitely stop by and have a look at the Kaiju Combat online design wiki for more in-depth details and to really get an idea of the tremendous potential this game has.

— Evo out.


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