Gaming News – Final Fantasy XIV taken offline, cinematic touts “A Realm Reborn”

Square Enix’s recent foray into the world of MMO’s was recently taken offline in grand style. The Final Fantasy XIV servers were shut down in preparation for SE’s reboot of FF XIV, called “A Realm Reborn”. In a press release from Square Enix, dated October 2012, the PS3 version of the rebuilt game touts a completely customizable UI and a more traditional feel to the controls.  The PC and Playstation 3 versions are set to be released some time in 2013. 

Source > Joystiq

While I’m not admittedly big into MMO games, I AM an avid Final Fantasy gamer (save for the MMO games) and the concept of one of these games in a massively multiplayer online setting has been one that I’ve been a supporter of for a long time, provided that it’s done properly. we’ll definitely be following this with some interest as it develops. 

— Evo out


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