13 Scares of Halloween – Day 13!: Various Games

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you have finally made it to the final day of our humble little countdown. After much deliberation, Evo and I came to an official decision to which would be the scariest moment of all time. What is the scariest moment of all time, you ask? What game is it from? Well sorry to disappoint you children, but our scariest moment is… Realizing you haven’t saved in hours while your character is dying in game.

Yes children, this is the one of the most panic and “Oh !@#$” inducing moments that our tiny brains can think of. This applies to games like Skyrim, Hardcore Diablo where when you die you are dead dead. And it sucks. When you are low on health running for you very virtual life, every enemy even the dinky ones becomes a menacing hulk of a beast ready to pluck that centimeter of life from your health bar.

Stare into the face of true terror.

And if you do perish at the hands on the most enfeebled enemy, you is met with the soul crushing realization that you have literally lost hours of precious time. Yet, at least for me I grit my teeth reload my save and attempt to no repeat the same mistake twice. One would think the sheer terror of losing that much time would constantly remind me to save my progress. However lost in the vast landscapes of a virtual frontier, I tend to lose myself and will forever be doomed to experience the panic of… the forgotten save.

Evo here. Many may not know this but I’m an old school RPG player from WAAAAYYY back, when Fantasies factually felt Final. There is NOTHING more fear inducing to than watching my carefully prepared team start to have the tide turned against them after SEVERAL hours of grinding and preparation, then watching my last party member to to a knee at 10 HP and knowing that the next hit will end it all. Except for the realization that I had forgotten to save right before the battle. The lost loot, accumulated experience and prep are one thing, I can always get that back. It’s the lost TIME that’s the killer here. 

Or let me give you guys another relatable situation: you’re taking on a quest to capture a beast that you can’t wait to harness with the hopes of deploying it against your enemies. Those of you who have tried to “Catch ‘Em All” at one point in your gaming career know where I’m going with this. You finally beat back and struggle against it to get it within manageable levels before you victoriously chuck your preferred capture ball at him and add him to your army.  After a long, long, drawn out battle that brings both you and your team to the brink of exhaustion, you manage to trap the beast in a ball. Then, as you catch your breath you shut off the system and as you slide that switch to the off-position and suddenly realize…

OK so that’ll just about do it for our 13 Gaming Scares of Halloween event! Thanks to everyone who followed along and special thanks to LadyCroft 3 of Linksaveszelda and Cary of Recollections of Play for helping us out! All of you have an awesome Halloween and may your bellies burst forth with candy like human piñatas!

– Evo out.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I wish you an awesomely frightening Halloween!

-Jessica Vanishes into a puff of smoke- Muhahahahaha

One thought on “13 Scares of Halloween – Day 13!: Various Games

  1. Talk about truly scary! Before “autosave” was a thing, players had to pay the closest attention to save points. And if you missed one, or just ignored it, it was like rest stops on the highway — the next one was hundreds of miles away. Really, that fear of dying and knowing that you’d have to start waaaaaay back, was just the worst, most horrible feeling ever associated with gaming.


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