13 Scares of Halloween – Day 12: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Howdy everyone, Jessica Valentine here with yet another entry into our 13 Scares of Halloween. We are rapidly approaching the end of our little countdown, and I am excited. Now I am going to have to be honest here, when I think of Ocarina of Time, I don’t normally think “scary”. Then I really thought about it, and remembered there were a few things in this game that make it qualify for this little list of ours. Without further ado, I present to you the ReDead.

Not SO bad… right?

Dun dun dun… okay, once you figure out these buggers, and get the Sun song, they aren’t that frightening. Lame I know, right? However, the very first time I encountered one, it caught me off guard. For those of you not familiar with Ocarina of Time… Play it already… or if that doesn’t appeal to you, let me explain what the ReDead are.

ReDead are zombies, they aren’t particularly fast, or even that menacing in appearance. It’s what they do that gets me. ReDead tend to either stand or sit still when you are at a distance. However when Link approaches a ReDead, it will start moving toward you at a slow shambling rate. Still not that bad. It’s when they get close that they release unholy terror upon a small unsuspecting me. The ReDead scream at you, not a normal nice scream but a shrill piercing scream that penetrates your very soul. Not only is the scream unsettling but it effing freezes Link, all the while they continue to shamble closer and closer. And closer. Until finally they get you. Oh so many nightmares when I was a wee one. Oh yeah and normal attacks don’t work against them. Yeah just thought I would throw that in there…

Now, the ReDead are not the only things to be feared in Ocarina of Time. So thusly I give an honorable mention to the ever so humble Cucco or as I like to call them, Chickens because lets be honest, that’s what they are. The chickens are really not scary at all until you hit a chicken one too many times. You’re thinking what could a chicken do? It’s a chicken. Boy howdy let me tell you, I thought that way and I was wrong… I was so very wrong. They will swarm and unleash a feathered hell upon Link pecking the pixelated flesh off of his virtual bones.

So boys and girls I may have said this before in a previous entry but, Ocarina of Time has taught me two very important life lessons. The first being, never light a zombie on fire, for then you are just fighting a flaming zombie. The second being, DO NOT EFF WITH CHICKENS.

-Jessica AWAY-


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