13 Scares of Halloween: Day 11 – Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Yes, I’m partially serious)

What’s good, everyone? You’re here again with Joshua Evo and Day 11 of our 13 gaming scares. So, this one is a little bit out of left field but when I had it happen to me for the first time, I pretty much started panicking and fought the urge to grab the arcade stick I was using and hurl it out the window to escape screaming into the night. To the pros, this was no big deal but I am not now nor have I EVER been a pro fighting gamer so all I saw was a fiery @$$-beating on the way. I am of course speaking of the Dark Phoenix rising in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Well, THIS doesn’t look good for me at all…

So basically, you have Phoenix… who is no slouch of a character in her own right. She’s got very good moves and mobility but she has the SLIGHT problem of folding like toilet paper when she takes a hit. Normally, this isn’t a problem since that makes her easy to kill off but the REAL problem comes in when your opponent stocks five levels of super meter and THEN Phoenix dies. She instantly stands back up as Dark Phoenix and becomes an absolute friggin’ nightmare. She becomes faster, does more damage and all of her attacks gain some absurd additional properties. Generally speaking, she just kinda becomes this fire-spewing, rapidly teleporting beast of a character, who, to add insult to injury, will usually bust into Level 3 X-Factor (the game’s power-up mechanic for those not in the know) and things just get MUCH more irritating. Needless to say, playing against anyone during the first few months of this game’s release was pretty much a terrifying waiting game as you just kinda sat there… trying to figure out a strategy while watching her build meter and then putting you in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation” with respect to killing her off. Oh, and the humming noise she emitted was also a pain in the butt.

Thankfully, when Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was release nine months later, she got some nerfs and there was enough knowledge and technology spread throughout the Internet and the fighting game community to where she wasn’t NEAR as much of an unholy terror as she was and most pro players just kinda put an end to her as easily as any other character but here’s the thing; Phoenix and her Dark counterpart were SUCH a terror in the early days that it actually necessitated all of this technology and time in the lab to deal with the “Phoenix Problem”. Not so scary any more but she rallied an entire community together to find a way to deal with the threat she posed. 

Hipster Dante has grown tired of Dark Phoenix’s shenanigans.

Again, though, I’m not a pro player, so Dark Phoenix rising still scares the bejeezus out of me.

— Evo out.


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