13 Scares of Halloween: Day 10 – DOOM 3 (Guest Post!)

What’s good, everyone? It’s Joshua Evo again with another intro for another awesome guest poster. Today’s is a game from a series that’s been scaring people for YEARS and I’m super appreciative that it was brought to you all today.

Happy Halloween folks!  My name’s cary from Recollections of Play, and I’m very excited to be here with the good people of DISK READ ERROR to discuss my scariest/creepiest/freakiest video game moment.  Now, I gotta tell you up front that I’m not a horror game fan.  You can keep your Resident Evils, Dead Spaces, and Silent Hills – sorry, they are just not for me.  That said, I willingly and thrillingly played the classics DOOM and DOOM 2, both of which are pretty scary.  After those, I thought that DOOM 3 would be a piece of demon blood-saturated cake (eww).  But…it wasn’t, probably because it contains my creepiest gaming moment.

As with the first two DOOM games, in DOOM 3 you are, once again, a space marine.  It’s 2145 and you’ve been assigned to a research facility on Mars where all sorts of experiments are taking place – on weapons, teleportation, biological stuff, etc.  One of the experiments goes awry, a gate to Hell is opened (oops!, and a fury of evil is let loose upon the base.  Workers turn into killing machines, demons appear, monsters flourish, and so and so forth.  It’s all very bad news for you since you must kill your way through the hordes to save the base.  This scenario is set up through one very nerve-racking scene and my scariest video game moment: the first unleashing of evil/possession scene.

 You can watch the video below, but here’s the rundown.  DOOM 3 lures players in with a very long and somewhat boring trip around the base.  You get checked in, meet a few people, overhear a few conversations, and, at some point, get your gear.  It’s all very drab and serene – no shooting, no demons.  Your commanding officer then sends you to one of the base’s labs to find a missing scientist.  You make your way down and continue to meet workers, creepy workers at that, and weave your way through a series of dark, looming tunnels and work spaces, complete with churning, humming machinery.  You eventually find the scientist – he’s frantically trying to send a message from a large console with monitors. He warns you in a foreboding manner that “the devil is real,” and that’s when the fun begins. You hear confused yelling and cries for help, a demonic light fills the room, and a skull-like spirit appears, accompanied by a deep, maniacal laugh. The spirit flies “into” the monitors and you’re treated to scenes of other troops becoming possessed.  And, oh yes, the scientist in the room goes the way of a demon. That whole scene with the noise, the static, the howls, the light, the dark made (and still makes) me just shiver. Top that off with an attack from the scientist and another person-turned-monster in between you and the way out, and you’ve got yourself a damn scary scene.

The scene starts at the 2:50 mark.  Thanks to YouTube use virusinfection1.

DOOM 3 has plenty more skin-crawling moments that you’ll just have to check out for yourself; and it’s a must for any horror video game fan.  As for me, I (sigh) have yet to beat the game. It’s the only horror game that I actually want to play, despite my fears, and somehow I must beat it if only to say the last dregs of whatever cred I had regarding the DOOM series. Someday, by god! Someday. Anyway, I have the old Xbox version, but you can find the new version of the game, DOOM 3: BFG Edition, on disk or through download. 



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