13 Scares of Halloween – Day 9: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Hey everybody, James B Boss here with day’s scary moment. Now as I’ve said in my last entry, I am quite the scaredy cat and while most horror games scare the crap out of me, today’s moment doesn’t really come from a game you’d expect a scare moment to come from. Especially since the marquee elements of this game include things like stealth and hiding from your enemies inside boxes.

More terrifying than death itself.

My moment comes from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (title just rolls off your tongue doesn’t it). While this game is not very horrifying for the most part, it does have a memorable cast of characters with a set of skills that are tailor made to take down Mr. Solid Snake-ington. One of these characters had a skill, that allowed him to communicate with the dead and his name was The Sorrow. You encounter this guy later on in the game and the fight is more or less scary, depending on your nerves. However, he does have an attack that made me jump out of my seat.

Pants moistening goodness at 4:30

Yeeeaaahhh, that scared me pretty good when I first saw it. Throughout the entire fight, you encounter all of the soldier that you’ve killed during the course of the game, so if you were just tranquilizing enemies instead of killing them, then the fight will be pretty short. If you went nuts with the bullets, then I hope you enjoy wallowing in a river of your own dastardliness! Can YOU live with that? Dunno about you but after seeing this moment in the game, I slept like a baby… a highly caffeinated baby. Well that just about does it for my moment. I’m gonna go wuss out now!

-This is James B Boss, hiding in a box.


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