13 Scares of Halloween – Day 7: Slender the Eight Pages

Hello again! Sick of me yet? Of course not. I am here at just over the halfway mark in our list to unveil the next game in our scare list. As you could probably tell by the title that game is Slender the Eight Pages.  Yes I am a Hipster, or whatever it is that you yougin’s call a fad these days.. I don’t know.

This is hip with the times, right?

Alrighty then, let’s get into it. If you are not familiar with slender man, he is well a tall… slender…man usually with indistinguishable features or no face at all. Yeah. That was specific. Let me try again. The slender man legend has taken many forms over the years and had recently resurfaced, slender man himself is an otherworldly a$$ that torments you, drives you insane, then in theory kills you. It was only a matter of time before this got turned into a game.

Going into this game there is no possible way that you don’t know what is going to happen. You know that at some point you will turn around he will be right there and you will pee yourself to shame. It’s inevitable, it’s going to happen. It still does not make you prepared for it. The game Slender the Eight Pages allows you to have a flashlight and well, that’s about it. You are alone, with no weapons or companions to protect you, the atmosphere is creepy and you know he is out there. Just waiting, watching, following. It’s just really effing creepy.

Then he gets you. Not to mention when he does come the game unleashes a awful sound that just makes the whole experience worse. You want a good jump, play the game. Too scared to play the game watch some of the reaction videos they always provide a good laugh.

-Jessica… Oh god what is that?! Oh !@#$%! Oh Balls! Oh !@#$! SOMEBODY HEL……. –

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