13 Scares of Halloween – Day 5: Fatal Frame 2

Vat’s GOOD, everyone? Yeah, I was going for a Dracula-esque accent but it dawns on me that this is text and that probably didn’t come across. Blast. Anyway, welcome to Day 5 of our little list here and today, I’ve got a popular one for you guys. Now, I actually wanted to do this one sooner but I had trouble ID’ing a moment that really stood out as creepy in a game where the primary game play element is taking pictures of ghosts but sure enough, I found one. The Fatal Frame games have had a notorious reputation for being some of the spookiest games out there and with good cause. They provide a truly eerie atmosphere and sense of being totally alone and at the mercy of the spirits. Regardless of what TV says, we can’t ALL have expensive equipment, full-spectrum cameras and fancy hats when we go chasing ghosts.

The classiest man ever to photograph the dead.

As I pointed out in an earlier entry (or not, I don’t remember), I have the tendency to scare pretty easily. So while in my meanderings of Fatal Frame 2, I was already pretty on edge considering that this game is PRETTY damn scary. Being honest, I don’t remember much of the actual story line so I’m gonna have to keep it short and I apologize if you’re looking for an actual review but from what I can remember, you’re playing as twin sisters who are visiting their childhood hang out spot when one of them gets distracted by a not-at-all foreboding red butterfly. She’s lead through the woods into Silent Hi… er, I mean a village that’s shrouded in fog that also happens to be haunted by the tortured spirits of people who are trapped there by a ceremony that was never finished. OK, so as eerie a set up as that is, you’d think that I’d be prepared for a few scares here and there. To my credit, I WAS, for the most part… until this happened.

I don’t know WHAT it is but there is just SOMETHING about little kids in ghost form that is ridiculously frightening to me. Coupled with the fact that I’ve just recently watched Ju-On and that Halloween is right around the corner… well. I suppose SLEEPING isn’t’ really an option anymore now is it? O_O

— Evo out.


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