13 Scares of Halloween – Day 3: Dead Space

Hey everybody, what’s happening. This is James B. Boss here, with my scary moment from a video game. Now just get this out of the way, I am easily scared by many of the horror titles that have been released. However there are a few, that do not scare me at all, but only a few, the majority of most horror games freak me the hell out, which brings us to my pick of the day.

I think I can make out the words “SH*T” and “PANTS”. What could it mean?

Dead Space is probably one of the scariest games that I’ve ever played in my entire life, because of its mood and setting. You play through the eyes of a character named Isaac Clarke and your mission is to inspect a starship known as the USG Ishimura, because it sent out a distress signal. As you explore the starship, you are put up against the game’s enemies known as necromorphs. These things, are FRIGGIN’ SCARY! For one thing, they LOOK scary and two, they take a lot of punishment put them down. To add to this blunder, you can easily run out of ammo for your weapons and I found that to be annoying. After a fire fight with some necromorphs, I always found myself going head to head with them, using my melee attack, or curb stomping them to death. Besides the necromorphs, I also found some other very disturbing things like writings on the wall in blood and some of the crew killing themselves, because they just went crazy. I literally had to kick myself in the ass and brave the game’s horrific features, just to beat it. When I finally got to the ending, I was left with a sense of relief. Everything was fine and dandy, until THIS:

*SPOILER WARNING! Please don’t cry about it.*

Holy crap man. I chose this as my scary moment, because it happens when I least expected it. Here I was thinking it was all over and then when Isaac looks over behind him, he is then attacked by his dead girlfriend. I about pretty much fell out of my chair I saw this. While this game is in fact scary, I applaud the developers for doing such a good job on this game’s horror level. Kudos and thanks for the inspiration to buy some new boxers.

–This is James B. Boss. Running away in panic.


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