13 Scares of Halloween: Day 2 – Resident Evil 2

What’s good, everyone? It’s Joshua Evo here with one of my big gaming scares for you all. Granted, it’s a pretty stereotypical answer when presented with the question “What’s your idea of a scary game or gaming moment” but that still doesn’t change the fact that it was pretty much boxer-dumpingly scary to me. 

Video Games.

During the Nintendo 64/Playstation era, I went with tradition and stuck with my Nintendo 64, having previously been a Super Nintendo owner. In doing so, I missed out on a LOT of sequels to titles on the SNES that I loved. In addition, there were tons of games that came out on the PSX that I only ever heard about from friends or gaming magazines; one of which was this horror game that EVERYONE raved about called Resident Evil. Thankfully, RE is a Capcom game, which inevitably means sequels and thankfully the next game in the series was ported to the N64. As you do, I snapped it up and sat down to check it out. For a lot of the time, some of the scarier moments were pretty mundane, until I got tasked with finding something called the Eagle Stone. I don’t think I need to say much more. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click below and go to 3:17:

Yeah… Wasn’t expecting that. A little bit. Like, at ALL. I come from a land of happy-fun-Nintendo gaming. Things DON’T COME CAREENING OUT OF MIRRORS WITH THEIR BRAINS OUT TRYING TO EAT YOUR FACE in happy Nintendo land! It was one of the first legitimate scares I ever got from a video game and it calls back a lot of awesome memories of that game (the best in the series, in my opinion). Thinking on it now that I’m older and less prone to being scared by a game… I think I’ll take a sec to revisit that scene in the game.

Nope. Same old sh*t.

— Evo out.



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