13 Scares of Halloween – Day 1: Batman Arkham City

Alright, I understand most of you, when you think of the second installment of the Batman video game series, you don’t think scary. I am not most of you. One moment in this game definitely caught me off guard and needless to say the rest is legend.

Now come close children, let me paint a picture for you. There I was the Dark Knight himself,  cape, cowl and all the associated awesome. I was tasked with saving the poor Cop-sicles and then kicking the ever living crap out of Penguin. Typical Batman stuff right? Well in order to accomplish this I had to cross a room of very thin ice, in the middle of a museum, but I am Batman what is the worst that can happen?

Now I should let you know that I had left the room for a few moments to get some snacks and allowed a friend to get half way across the ice for me. (Big mistake) I ask if I missed anything, they shake their head. I resume gameplay. The ice crunches ominously beneath my feet, tension mounts. Can it really be this simple. I just have to go slow? I really hate having to go slow… is this some ploy to make the game last longer… ugh… I decide… I begin to run… The ice breaks. Something isn’t right. I lose control. I am a sitting duck. What the heck is going on? OH BEJEEBUS!!! SHARK!! !@#$%^&” Game Over.

Needless to say I jumped and the controller almost went flying across the room. Now if I hadn’t left the room and my friend had informed me that there was a FLIPPING SHARK. I probably might have been more prepared for the ensuing death. But no, completely caught off guard and needless to say “EFF YOU PENGUIN”. Now if I had not gone on my snack run, or my friend alerted me to a previous cut-scene  I would have been confronted with a similar shark shock, just one where I didn’t end up all Quint-ified like at the end of Jaws.

I got ‘et.

None the less I just was not prepared for a shark to be chilling in the middle of a museum waiting for a late night Bat-snack. And thus this has gone down in my book as one of the scariest videogame moments of all time.

-Jessica grabs shark repellent-

Stoopid shark…


3 thoughts on “13 Scares of Halloween – Day 1: Batman Arkham City

  1. This was also a controller-dropping moment for me — it’s just so unexpected because, as you note, who the heck expects a shark to be hanging out under ice, let alone in a museum?! That room totally made me nervous any time I had to go back through it.


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