Gaming News – Playstation Store Overhaul

Credit to Joystiq

Sony has recently announced that the Playstation Store is getting a major facelift in the coming week. The first images were revealed today in London and these changes are said to make the store much easier to navigate, as the interface has been given a more streamlined menu system and a much more apparent categorization of the content. 

Source > The Examiner

From the images I’ve seen so far, I’m already a fan of the new PS Store. The amount of content that’s available for players now makes the current interface seem very clunky and inefficient to navigate. Now, I’m all for having huge amounts of content, I mean, that’s what having a successful online store is all about but at the same time, you don’t particularly want that amount to make the navigational system that players use to check out all of this goodness to suffer, or else people would just not use it. Another problem I had with the PS Store that is also getting a fix is the virtual keyboard. It’s now reportedly easier to find content without been a perfect typist, as users can now type in as little as three characters and the search system will pull related results and organize it by popularity. It’s also implemented a smarter system that can handle typos and abbreviations. 

Look for the updated Playstation Store to go live in Europe on October 17th and October 23rd in the United States.

— Evo out


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