Gaming News – Slimmer model PlayStation 3 confirmed, dated

While not the PlayStation 4 announcement that many were clamoring for, Sony announced at Tokyo Game Show that they will be releasing an even SLIMMER model of the PlayStation 3 stateside on September 25th. The console boasts a 250 GB hard drive and will be bundled with the Game of the Year edition of Uncharted 3 and access to additional content for recently the recently released PSN shooter, Dust 514. The bundle has an MSRP of $269. Sony has also said that standalone consoles will be available for  purchase down the line for $249 but that the initial launch will be bundled units only.

Sony also confirmed a 500GB model that’s slated for release in late October and that there are plans for an additional bundle to be priced and detailed later. Additionally, the console will be available in black and white, the latter of which will initially be only in Japan with releases in other regions to follow suit.

Source > Joystiq

For those of you all who don’t have a PlayStation 3 yet or are looking to go slim, do you have any interest in picking up this model? Also, whats your opinion of the redesign and do you feel that it’s a bit late in the PS3’s lifespan to be simply doing a remodel rather than giving the gaming populace news of a new console?

— Evo out


2 thoughts on “Gaming News – Slimmer model PlayStation 3 confirmed, dated

  1. All I can say is YAY!!! And I’ve read that the 500GB model is supposed to come with Assassin’s Creed III…DOUBLE WIN!!! Sorry for all-caps, but this is pretty exciting. Hopefully we can contain ourselves until the end of October.


    I’m not so impressed with the look. It’s nice, but nothing groundbreaking. And apparently you have to play extra for a stand?? That’s not so cool.


    • Haha, no problem man… All caps is acceptable where it’s warranted. 🙂

      The HDD sizes and bundle packages are pretty impressive and I dunno about you but I’m kinda curious about what the white one looks like. I’m with you on the overall appearance but I figured that maybe they’d be saving the big overhauls for the PS4 maybe?

      Although paying for a stand isn’t fun. 😦


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