My Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs – Part 3

Alright, now it’s my turn to attack. What’s happening everyone, James B. Boss here with my Top Five favorite Final Fantasy songs. So let’s cast Hastega and get on with the battle.

5. Final Fantasy VI – Dancing Mad

Ok, so I remember a lot of Bosses from the FF series, but none of them can compare to the last boss of FFVI. Seriously, Kefka was a friggin’ lunatic. I remember defeating the first form of the last boss, only to find that there are like seven other parts to go through in order to get to Kefka. After two or more of the last boss’s sections, I started to literally go mad and  start dancing, so this songs’ title is perfect for that moment. While it is quite long, I find it to be a lengthy form of awesome.

4. Final Fantasy II – Final Boss Emperor of Palamecia

So, while the original Final Fantasy II isn’t as popular as the other titles, I found myself to enjoy it. While some of it’s songs were quite good, I found this one to be my favorite among them because I just love the feeling it gave when you fight the Emperor. It goes to show, that when you fight a game’s final boss, it better have some badass orchestral sounding music playing in the background otherwise it’s really just not worth it.

3. Final Fantasy X – Jecht’s Theme

While this song was not used as a badass fight song, it was really cool to listen to. I like this song, because it has a really nice calming mood to it. Every time I listen to this, I feel like I’m riding a Harley Davidson, on a journey to who knows where. Possibly a Blitzball game.

2. Final Fantasy VIII – The Man with the Machine Gun

This song made it on to my top Five list because it really is just awesome. I remember playing FFVIII and personally, I did not like the first battle theme at all. When I got to the part where you play as Laguna and I heard this song, I automatically loved it. Just the rhythm of this song makes want to get up dance my ass off, but that would be just silly. All in all, this song is just one of the best battle themes that I’ve ever heard.

1. Final Fantasy IV – Zeromus Battle

Ok, so let me just take a few moments on why this song is my number one. First, I would like to point out, that FFIV is my absolute favorite of the entire series and secondly it’s because this fight was awesome and this song just made it even better. I remember going through the epic scene where Cecil and his friends gained their strength back in the most epic way possible and then later on confronting Zeromus and revealing his true form. When this song started playing, you knew you were about to jump into some serious s#%t.

Well, that’s my list everyone. I hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did. While they may not be fan favorites (*cough* FFVII *cough*), they are still great pieces that made the Final Fantasy series into what it is today. Be sure to randomly run into part 4 soon enough. Until then, keep on grinding.

– James B Boss, signing out (*Victory Fanfare*)


One thought on “My Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs – Part 3

  1. I just wanted to say that I totally agree that Man with the Machine Gun is the better of the two battle themes. It is one of those songs that sometimes gets stuck in my head but I really do not mind at all because it is so darn catchy and upbeat!


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