Overhaul’d and Updates

What’s good, everyone? Joshua Evo here with a VERY quick entry to apprise you all of some updates. So, the ridiculously awesome LadyCroft3 over at Linksaveszelda created an awesome banner for our front page as part of the DRE Overhaul that some of you may have noticed over the weekend and are undoubtedly able to see right now. Mucho props and thanks to her for it and you guys should definitely check out her blog!

Second, as sweet as she is, our little Megan Highwind got a LITTLE too hype last week and let drop that we have something coming up for this week. I’m pleased to announce that starting tomorrow, the four of us will be posting our Top Five Final Fantasy musical scores in a mini-event that will span until Friday. As per usual, there are a FEW rules:

  1. Each song must be from a different game
  2. Side games (Dissidia, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core) do not count. Just the main games.
  3. A link to YouTube will be provided for your listening pleasure. Whether it points to a remix or not is up to the poster, haha.

We hope you all enjoy the week’s posts and continue to follow/reblog/tweet/share and enjoy what we do here at DRE. Also, we have our own Twitter page, you can find us at by clicking HERE. Feel free to follow us, send us news, suggestions and updates there or in the comments section. Thanks again to you guys and a super thanks to LadyCroft3!

— Evo out.


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