Gaming News – Zone of the Enders HD Collection Premium Bundle announced

As you may or may not know, Konami and Kojima Studios announced a while back that they would be releasing a Zone of the Enders HD collection for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Kotaku is reporting Hideo Kojima has confirmed via Twitter that now there will be a premium edition bundle released in Japan in October and has also released some of the first images. If anything, it’s definitely a serious bit of collectible eye candy for fans of the series.

Source > Kotaku

The additional content that’s packaged with the bundle has yet to be confirmed but based on information from Kojima’s Twitter, it’s a safe bet that there’s most likely going to a Remixed edition of the soundtrack, as he has posted a picture of a CD and track list complete with remixing artists. 

Additionally, the cover art for the premium bundle is purported to look vastly different from the standard edition. Kojima also tweeted a CG render of what looks to be alternate cover art.  If the trend that is seen in a lot of western collector’s edition holds true in Japan, then this may be the the cover that greets players who happily unbox their ZoE: HD premiere editions. It’s also possible that this is the actual final packaging for both standard and premium editions.

The Zone of the Enders HD Collection is currently slated for a late 2012 release in the United States. No word yet as to whether the premium bundle will see a stateside release.


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